What is a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump?

EVP vacuum pump co., LTD. Is a professional supplier of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors. The EVP vacuum pump is interchangeable with Nash vacuum pump. We offer the same dimensions for bolt fixing replacement and equivalent performance. We also provide the original pump maintenance spare parts.

What is a Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump?

Liquid ring vacuum pump features:

1, reliable quality, public ISO9001 quality system certification;

2, the impeller cantilever design, simple structure, compact, save space, easy to install, easy to maintain;

3. Equipped with anti-cavitation valve to prevent cavitation damage at higher vacuum operation;

4, stable and reliable operation, low noise, no need to be equipped with muffler; Oil-free design, low water consumption, benefit to environmental protection, etc.

5, equipped with flexible valve plate exhaust port, can automatically adjust the exhaust Angle, make the pump in the whole vacuum range of efficient operation;

6. The ultimate vacuum can reach the absolute pressure of 33mbar, equipped with atmospheric ejector, which can achieve higher suction vacuum;

7. The shaft seal adopts mechanical seal as the standard configuration, which is reliable and reduces the maintenance of equipment;

8. Various materials of flow parts can meet the requirements of different working conditions;

9, can provide a full set of units, including air and water separator, heat exchanger, cavitation protection connection pipe, etc.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of technical parameters:

Vacuum degree: 33-1013hpa

Pumping rate: 1.45-7.68m3/min

Want to see more product parameters? Click here for more.

Liquid ring vacuum pump application range:

Used for the suction of gases that do not contain solid particles or allow non-granular dust, insoluble or slightly soluble in the working fluid. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries of vacuum drying and packaging; Liquid degassing and vacuum diversion of water pump in waterworks; Vacuum extrusion and molding of plastics and rubber industry; Vacuum filtration, distillation and impregnation in chemical and textile industries.

2BE3 series products can be driven by V belt, synchronous motor, gearbox, etc. To save space, the 2BE3 series pumps can be driven by one motor for two or up to four pumps. When the middle wall is set in the shell, the pressure tolerance on both sides is lower than 80kPa, and the two parts can work under different vacuum conditions. Therefore, one pump can work like two. This effectively improves the flexibility of product operation.

Due to our high quality and competitive prices, our pumps are widely used in mining, power industry, petrochemical industry, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, environment industry, food and beverage industry, Marine industry, Siemens and Nash pump replacement industry and other general industrial processes.

Main types of 2BE3 series vacuum pumps and compressors

Be3306 be33 series vacuum pump: 2 be3300, 2, 2 be3320, 2 be3326

Be3406 be34 series vacuum pump: 2 be3400, 2, 2 be3420, 2 be3426

Be3506 be35 series vacuum pump: 2 be3500, 2, 2 be3520, 2 be3526

Be3606 be36 series vacuum pump: 2 be3600, 2, 2 be3620, 2 be3626

Due to its competitive price and higher performance, our pumps are the best choice for Siemens and some Italian pumps. By virtue of our high quality products and good service, we have obtained the CE certification of products.

Liquid ring vacuum pump of main competitive advantages:

Experienced staff, price, product function, product performance, service

Liquid ring vacuum pump of main export markets:

Asia australasia central/South America east Europe Middle East/Africa North America Western Europe

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