Circulating water vacuum pump purchase

Circulating water vacuum pump selection

Circulating water vacuum pump purchase

Circulating water vacuum pump parameters:

Taking circulating water as working fluid and using fluid jet technology to generate negative pressure, a new type of vacuum (extraction) pump is used for vacuum reflux, vacuum drying and normal circulation extraction, especially for gases produced by aqueous solution with higher boiling point.
Circulating water vacuum pump is widely used in biochemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, colleges and universities, scientific research, laboratories.

Circulating water vacuum pump optional

Circulating water vacuum pump can be divided into two categories: table and vertical. The table has less suction head, generally 2-3 to 4, and less water inside the pump, generally 15L. Vertical suction head up to 10, the pump can be filled with water for 30L.

The difference in materials leads to a great difference in price. Currently, the common anti-corrosion engineering plastic shell is widely used in the market. Its cost is very low and the price is cheap, but it is easy to age, deformation and short service life. The shell of the product is made of high-quality plastic injection, anti-corrosion and impact, no aging, deformation phenomenon; Products a year because of quality problems free return.

Pump head is a heart, general corrosion resistant plastic and stainless steel two kinds, because the form a complete set of equipment often contain corrosive solvent, to enter the water pump in the vacuum, so corrosion is the key to choose the circulating pump, seldom contact with corrosive solvent, can choose common plastic pump, often contact corrosive solvent or solvent corrosion resistance is very strong, be sure to choose stainless steel pump head, Shanghai know letter circulating pump of pump head adopts the high-quality anti-corrosion plastic or stainless steel mold a molding, to ensure product quality.

In addition: the decision of product quality and price of the key components for the motor, the quality of the motor directly determines the vacuum degree and product life, pump motor for special processing, to ensure the quality of the product; Also have confidence to ensure the realization of a year of free return and replacement of the commitment.

Circulating water vacuum pump of use

1. For the first use, open the top cover of the water tank and fill it with clean cold water (or add water through the discharge hose). When the water surface is about to rise to the height below the overflow nozzle at the back of the tank, stop adding water. However, the water should be changed once a week for the longest time. If the water quality is seriously polluted and the utilization rate is high, the time for changing water can be shortened. The ultimate purpose is to keep the water in the tank clean.
2. For vacuuming operation, connect the vacuuming sleeve of the equipment in need of vacuuming tightly to the nozzle of the machine. Check the circulating water switch and turn on the power switch to start the vacuuming operation.
3. When the machine needs to work continuously for a long time, the water temperature in the water tank will rise, affecting the vacuum degree. At this time, the water discharging hose can be connected to the water source (tap water), and the overflow nozzle can be used as the drainage outlet.
4. When it is necessary to provide circulating cooling water for the reaction device, connect the inlet and outlet pipes of the cooling device to the outlet and inlet nozzle of circulating water respectively at the back of the machine and rotate the circulating water switch to stop ON position to realize circulating cooling water supply.
Circulating water vacuum pump is easy to use, and has been adjusted before delivery. As long as you read the manual, it will be used, so there is no need for on-site installation and debugging.

After-sales commitment:
EVP vacuum equipment co., LTD. Promise: quality problems within one year of circulating water pump, the unconditional return, we confirm for the use of, will give you a new switch circulating pump (within a year), if it is man-made fault, we will provide you free maintenance (more than a year for maintenance), ready to solve after sorrow.

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