CL sereis Cone liquid ring vacuum pump


CL series cone vacuum pump realize its suction and discharge by conical port structure, compared with the axial suction and discharge of flat port plate, it is characterized as wide sectional area and passage, small flow resistance, 18% energy saving when air is evacuated and 28% if saturated steam is pumped, besides, the impeller is well sealed and with high rigidity.


1.They are able to work in the situation that suction port had excessive liquid& contains solid particles.
2.When gas is corrosive, the material of CL pump is optional, including several kinds of stainless steel, different corrosion resistant occasions.
3.When gas is vapor in vacuum state, CL pump as can be used as condenser. The condenser in the heat exchanger is the working liquid of pump, some of which can be injected into pump before the pump suction port, to condense the saturated vapor. It will improve pump’s performance and efficiency.


Followed are some simple flow diagrams of NASH CL pumps in different systems; They are typical and similar with other application; Solutions for special cases can be provided. We will provide you the special design as your requirements.
Filtration&Solvent recovery&Condenser pumping&Water diversion&Vacuum for power plant condenser&Wet flue gas desulfurization equipment of coal-fired power plant&Compression of special inflammable and explosive gases such as acetylene&Compression of ozone&Gas recovery&Reduced pressure distillation&Vacuum dehydration &Vacuum filtration&Vacuum extrusion/ vacuum forming&Vacuum impregnation&Vacuum extraction


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