Vacuum System in Thermal Power Plant

Vacuum System in Thermal Power Plant of Application

Based on the analysis of the characteristics of vacuum system, it is considered that a vacuum unit should be added to mix with the raw water ring vacuum pump in the thermal power plant.

Vacuum System Products of Characteristics

Roots pump unit is a multi-stage Roots dry pump, Roots pump through the installation of brackets, nozzles with control box, muffler and other combinations, used for production and research equipment vacuum exhaust.
The main function of Roots vacuum pump is to extract the non-condensable gas and air mixture from the condenser to maintain the high vacuum of the condenser.

Roots Pump Vacuum Unit of Performance:

According to the different working pressure of each vacuum system, the following points must be mastered in the selection of units:
1. The main pump must work within its better working range.
2. The compression ratio of the main pump or intermediate pump to the front pump shall not exceed the allowable range.
3. The ratio of the front stage pump to Roots pump is as small as possible. When the performance of the current stage pump decreases, the vacuum performance of the system will not be greatly affected.

Three power supply modes of Roots vacuum system

Electricity is indispensable in our life. It is necessary to use Roots vacuum system. There are many ways of power supply. For layman, we don’t know what ways can power supply. Professional questions need to be answered by professionals. Now let’s look at the ways that Metso vacuum pump factory staff will choose to supply power to the vacuum system.
1. Because the internal resistance of commonly used dry batteries is bigger, the current provided by them is smaller, and a large part of the voltage is consumed on the internal resistance, so the voltage drops faster. Considering the power and the use time, it is suitable to supply power to Roots vacuum unit.
2. Battery is the general name of storage battery, because the principle is different from dry battery, it can provide larger current and power, which is widely used in Roots vacuum unit, and is also applied in the case of lack of power supply.
3. The working current of Roots vacuum system is generally larger than that of the latter, about 1-10 amperes, and the latter is generally not large, ranging from several hundred milliamperes to several amperes.
Three power supply modes of Roots vacuum system are introduced here. Different power supply modes have certain influence on the performance of Roots vacuum system. In order to save various resources, we need to choose the appropriate power supply mode.

Vacuum System in Thermal Power Plant

Roots vacuum system of  Performance parameters

The performance parameters of Roots vacuum system are introduced in the following article.
1. Separate the test method from the test rules, and adjust the specific content.
2. Improve the check pointer of the limit pressure of some units, and make it clear that the limit pressure refers to the limit partial pressure of non-condensable gas.
3. According to the actual situation, this standard deletes the content of “recommended unit series” in the previous edition of the standard, and specifies the basic parameters of the unit according to the type of unit.
4. This standard distinguishes Wang Tong’s representation method of system type and corresponding performance parameters when the front stage pump is single-stage pump and double-stage pump.
The use of raw water ring vacuum pump during the start-up of the vacuum system and the use of vacuum system in the normal operation of the unit can not only save a lot of electricity, but also improve the vacuum of the steam turbine condenser to a certain extent and achieve good economic benefits. Set R&D and manufacturing in one of the technological innovation enterprises, focusing on R&D vacuum system, products sold well at home and abroad.

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