Pump for frequency converter

In order to improve the working efficiency of transmission, effectively control the operation cost and avoid the consumption of energy, it is necessary to comprehensively understand and attach importance to the role of inverter in screw pump in the form of application. In fact, in the process of continuous development of inverter, it is by virtue of good energy saving effect, express adjustment and other aspects of performance, has been widely used in related industries. But, in the process of frequency converter used in screw pump, how to catch up the inverter in rod pump performance, avoid unnecessary security failure, the maximum extent to ensure the equipment of energy-saving, long-term, stable, and can take the new running performance, also is the content of this Yi main play this, here are around its role and application form, there is a brief overview.

Pump for frequency converter

1. Role analysis of inverter in screw pump

Every inverter in the operation of the culm, the principle of its work is the same, the main power in the frequency converter in the operation of the power supply, will have a variety of frequencies for a comprehensive exchange, so as to inverter in the screw pump running speed for a comprehensive control.

In addition, during the operation of the inverter in the screw pump, it mainly changes and exchanges the power current comprehensively in the form of power supply frequency modulation and voltage regulation through the main circuit, which mainly includes three parts: power rectification power supply, flat wave circuit and inverter circuit. At the same time, the inverter in the process of the operation of the screw pump, through the form of the control circuit, the main circuit in the inverter to send the corresponding control signal, which mainly includes: voltage and frequency of the operation circuit and other aspects. Actually, frequency converter in the process of screw pump operation, it is also because of its working principle of the inverter in the speed of the screw pump operation, from the whole and the regulation and control, thus for screw pump operation also have the effect of a kind of protection, through a variety of power in the form of exchange and transformation, can effectively reduce the energy consumption amount, the cost of the movement of the Vatican has carried on the effective control. It appears that the frequency converter in the process of screw pump operation. Played a constant important role and significance.

2. Application analysis of inverter in screw pump inverter with various advantages and effects, in the process of screw pump operation has been effectively applied. Therefore, in the following content, the application form of the inverter ren screw pump is analyzed and introduced simply:

2.1 application form in parameter setting

In the application of inverter in screw pump, parameter setting is an important form of speed debugging. In the process of parameter setting, once there is a certain degree of error in the setting, it will lead to the phenomenon of screw pump start and vibration failure, and even cause tripping phenomenon, causing serious damage to some functions of screw pump. Therefore, the inverter in the process of the application of the screw pump, its parameters must meet the maximum degree of the set and the way of operation, and the British related functions to carry on the optimization. However, in the process of the application of frequency converter for screw pump, need to staff, inverter in the screw spring running parameters and cannot adjust, must be in accordance with the actual production situation and factory set parameters, a comprehensive adjustment, so as to explore the inverter in the screw pump in the largest degree of fish with form, ensure the equipment is stable and safe operation. In addition, in the inverter in the screw pump application form. Typically, a converter runs with about 30 wat arrays. Therefore, in the process of practical application, it is necessary to adjust the key parameters of inverter in the application of screw pump according to the actual situation, so as to ensure the application performance of inverter in screw pump on the maximum pinching degree.

2.2 application forms of speed debugging control
Speed debugging control is an important part of inverter in screw pump. In the process of application, the main control circuit and auxiliary circuit of the inverter chapter are mainly used to control the running speed and form of the screw pump, which can effectively ensure the stability and safety of the inverter’s cooperation with the screw pump and avoid the occurrence of security problems. In the process of speed debugging control, people can be divided into the following aspects:

(1) in the process of speed debugging and control, the main control circuit is mainly the control circuit of frequency converter and the control form of power frequency circuit, so as to comprehensively control the circuit form and avoid the phenomenon of too fast or too slow. In addition, during the control process, the control circuit and power frequency circuit of the inverter should be adjusted according to the actual production conditions.
(2) the staff can also make full use of the auxiliary power form in the frequency converter to control and debug the running speed of the dc current. In general, the form of direct current flows to choose 24 v relay, and the information in the inverter in the screw pump input forms, and full of twist and debugging, the process of frequency converter used in screw pump in 屮, can avoid the right effect of starting and braking failure phenomenon, at the same time for screw pump also play a protective role in the operation, improve the performance of screw pump is stable, safe and avoid unnecessary security accidents.

3. The conclusion

For inverter, screw pump is an important form of inverter application and plays a very important role in the development of related industries. Therefore, this article is in view of the inverter in the role of screw pump, a brief analysis and elaboration, parallel to the application form, for a brief overview, effectively improved the performance of the screw pump is stable, reliable, has markedly improved and the performance of its security, so the development of related industries in China, have played an important role in 亜 to and significance, and further promote the progress of the economic development of our country.

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