Vacuum system in oil deacidification

In the field of oil deacidification technology, especially a kind of deacidification vacuum device for oil refining, the following focuses on the application of vacuum system in oil deacidification, providing reference for you. There are a certain amount of free fatty acids in the crude oil which has not been refined. The process of removing free fatty acids from oil is called deacidification. The methods of deacidification include alkali refining, distillation, solvent extraction and esterification. Alkali refining and distillation are the most widely used methods. Distillation deacidification is also called physical refining, that is, the free fatty acid in crude oil is not neutralized by alkali, but a refining method to achieve deacidification by vacuum steam distillation. The distillation deacidification method usually uses the steam jet vacuum pump to realize the vacuum pumping, which needs to consume a lot of water vapor, so the water consumption is high, and a large number of waste condensate water will be formed, resulting in the wet and hot production site and working environment, which has potential safety hazards.

A vacuum deacidification device for oil refining with good water saving effect and safety is provided. The three-stage steam vacuum was used for oil deacidification. Due to the low efficiency of steam vacuum, the energy consumption of steam vacuum accounted for 20% of the total energy consumption of the unit. Therefore, many companies require to replace the mechanical equipment, recommend to use the vacuum system instead of the original steam vacuum.


A deacidification vacuum device for oil refining includes at least one set of physical refining deacidification tower, condenser, fatty acid catcher and vacuum system; the upper end of physical refining deacidification tower is connected with the inlet of condenser through the first pipe, the outlet of condenser is connected with the inlet of fatty acid catcher through the second pipe; the upper end of fatty acid catcher is connected with the true through the third pipe The lower end of the fatty acid catcher is provided with a discharge pipe with a valve.

Compared with the prior art, the application of the vacuum system in the oil deacidification process has the following advantages:

The vacuum pump system is used to realize the vacuum treatment of deacidification tower in the process of oil deacidification, and the condenser and fatty acid catcher are used to realize the deacidification of oil. The process of this method is simple and does not produce condensate water, which can ensure the drying of the working site, the good comfort of the working environment and the safety and comfort of the operation. It has the advantages of low energy consumption, compact structure, less land occupation, safety and stability, long service life, convenient installation and maintenance, good sealing performance, large air extraction, etc.

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