Water ring vacuum pump in grain production industry

As the water ring vacuum pump has the characteristics of uniform pressure everywhere, it is widely used in grain, flour and feed industries (which industries are the most widely used vacuum pumps). The vacuum pump installed at the end of the conveying system is used to pump the air in the system, so that the negative pressure air flow below the atmospheric pressure is formed in the conveying pipe. The materials enter the pipe from the starting point suction nozzle together with the atmosphere. As the air flow is delivered to the end separator, the particles of the materials are separated from the air flow by gravity or centrifugal force. The gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the vacuum pump or centrifugal fan after dust removal, green Color and environmental protection. Vacuum conveying equipment is mainly used for grain loading and unloading in the grain industry. It can be placed in ports, docks, silos or bulk material storage points to pump up materials and send them to material receiving points such as silos. It does not need special modification for ships and vehicles carrying bulk materials. It is an ideal equipment for grain and other powder particle system to transport bulk materials. It can realize long-distance vertical transportation and convenient operation.

The water ring vacuum pump has reliable performance, dust-free operation, low loss of loading and unloading materials, and high working efficiency. And small size, light weight, simple and compact structure, easy installation, low noise, no vibration, easy maintenance. The negative pressure transportation can improve the working environment of all kinds of grain facilities, reduce the wear of equipment caused by dust, protect operators from dust damage, prevent dust explosion, and reduce the dust pollution of the surrounding environment. It has great social and environmental benefits Vacuum dust removal in the process of grain in and out of warehouse, warehouse in and out operation, production and processing, especially in the process of grain transfer, produces a large amount of dust and a bad working environment. What’s more, a large number of dust is likely to produce powder explosion, which brings serious hidden danger to people’s life and national property safety.

In the modern production field of grain industry, the requirement of dust is higher and higher. The cleanness of production environment is not only the necessary premise to ensure the high quality of some products, but also of great significance to improve production environment, protect personal health and avoid secondary pollution. Using vacuum dust removal method to protect the environment is not only to improve the working environment of water ring vacuum pump for all kinds of grain, to protect personal health, to prevent dust from spilling and flying and dust explosion, but also to reduce dust pollution to the surrounding environment. Vacuum dust removal is characterized by flexible layout, convenient use, high collection rate, wide range of effective collection and strong operation reliability. It can reduce the secondary pollution and the labor intensity of workers and the harm of dust to the body.


Vacuum packaging is a kind of packaging method that after the goods are put into the airtight container, vacuumize before the container is sealed, so that there is no air in the sealed container. Vacuum packaging is also called vacuum packaging or exhaust packaging. This kind of packaging can prevent the outside water vapor from entering into the packaging container, and can also prevent the inside of the closed moisture-proof packaging from moisture air, condensation when the temperature drops.

The water ring vacuum pump adopts the vacuum packaging method, and pay attention to avoid high vacuum degree. At present, food, oil and other processing and preservation are basically in a low-level, extensive state, and the refrigeration conditions in China can not be compared with the United States, Japan and other developed countries, resulting in a large number of agricultural products and waste of resources. However, vacuum packaging can maintain the quality and nutrition of food and agricultural products, which is paid more attention by the food industry. In addition to the control of external temperature and asepsis, the more important thing of vacuum packaging is to control the appropriate gas environment of grain, so as to achieve the desired fresh-keeping purpose. The main methods are mechanical extrusion and suction pipe degassing. No matter what way the water ring vacuum pump is, it is necessary to extract the air from the packaging bag and then heat seal it.

Its main characteristics are: reduce the oxygen content in the bag, inhibit the growth and development of mold and bacteria, control the deterioration of grain, and achieve the purpose of preservation and quality. In addition, after vacuum packaging, it can also resist mechanical pressure and reduce vibration, which is not only conducive to long-distance transportation, but also conducive to marketing

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