High vacuum pumping system

High efficiency vacuum pumping system application

High efficiency vacuum pumping system is widely used in many aspects, such as power generation, steel-making, oil mining, coal mining, especially in power generation. Using high efficiency vacuum pumping system to replace the original water jet air ejector and steam jet air ejector can completely ensure the normal operation of the steam turbine system The operation process parameters (such as vacuum, exhaust temperature, etc.) of are not changed or tend to be better.

High efficiency vacuum pumping system has the following advantages:

1. Greatly reduce power consumption. The motor power of the old water jet air ejector is generally 22kw-45kw, and the equivalent power of the steam jet air ejector is about 45KW. The motor power can be reduced to 3kw-9kw by using high efficiency vacuum device.

2. Greatly reduce the waste of water resources and save a lot of circulating water. In summer, the make-up water in the water tank of the water jet air ejector is generally no less than 15t / h, which is basically wasted by the discharge. The high-efficiency vacuum device is closed-circuit circulation, so it is particularly suitable for the enterprises with lack of water resources and zero discharge.

3. Compared with water jet air ejector, it has unique advantages. In summer, the circulating water temperature of the water jet air ejector rises, the pressure of the condenser rises, that is to say, the suction pressure of the water extraction rises, so the water extraction pressure drops. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of the industry and mining industry, it is necessary to select a capacity far greater than the leakage gas to solve this contradiction, which increases the supporting power

The power of the unit, or the opening of two water injection pumps can meet the production requirements, reduce the applicable efficiency and improve the power consumption, while the high-efficiency vacuum pump does not have this problem, because the cooling water temperature rises in summer, and the suction pressure increases, at this time, the output of the pump will also increase.

4. The system is simple, safe and reliable with less maintenance. Generally, the water jet air ejector is equipped with two water jet pumps, one water jet tank, one recycling water pit and one recycling water pump. The system covers a large area with scattered facilities layout. The high-efficiency vacuum system devices are all integrated on a common base, with simple structure, few vulnerable parts, centralized control, small area, and basic maintenance free daily operation.

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High vacuum pumping system

High vacuum pumping system

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