vacuum pump air cooled self-circulation system

 Water ring vacuum pump in use process because must be used with water as working fluid, and the working liquid is continuously injected into the water pump, many users in does not pay attention to environmental protection under the condition of the working fluid (water) directly after vacuum pump drainage vent discharge directly, so lead to water resource waste and environmental pollution, and even to increase the using cost.

Some users will do a water tank for water ring vacuum pump alone or use overhead type steam separator, water ring vacuum pump to pump into the water in the water or steam separator, again through the pump itself self-priming ability to pump water suction cavity, and then into the tank, and so on recycling, but produces heat in the process of water ring vacuum pump work, such as the heat generated by the reactive power of vacuum pump and vacuum pump suction gas heat and high temperature as the non-condensable gas phase change heat of compression in the process, so will cause water tank water temperature will be more and more high, and the working liquid water temperature, the higher the greater the impact on the efficiency of vacuum pump, at present there are many users will be in side out of the water in the tank side to fill in, so can also lead to water resource waste and environmental pollution.

According to the above problems, the use of the characteristics of the water ring vacuum pump independently developed a since the circulating water ring vacuum pump unit, air cooled by air cooling way of working liquid cooled water cycle use, to ensure the water temperature of water ring vacuum pump work requirements, which can guarantee the service life of water ring vacuum pump, do it with a working fluid (water) zero emissions.

The product is widely used in electronics, metallurgy, sanitary ware, rubber, plastic, carving, adsorption media industry, vacuum pump to pollution-free products technical parameters combination of 2BV, 2 BE1, SK, 2SK series water ring vacuum pump corresponding technical indicators.


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