Roots vacuum pump unit

Main advantages of roots vacuum pump installation and how to choose the relevant equipment?

The main advantages of using roots vacuum pump and how to choose the equipment? Let’s take a quick look.

(1)In general, the power consumed by roots pump is only 40% to 50% of the power consumed by other equipment. This saving effect can be achieved by using roots vacuum pump with gas-water separation device and using self-priming centrifugal pump.

Comparison example: for a container with a capacity of 52m3/min and a vacuum of up to 4x104Pa(absolute pressure of 6×104 Pa), the power on the pump shaft is compared: the liquid ring pump is 95 HP, with a tolerance of ±10% for capacity and power. If single stage roots pump is used, 55 HP, capacity and power tolerance is ±5%.

(2) the flexible operation of pump capacity adjustment device is available to adjust to the required value, but also a certain minimum value, power type roots vacuum pump belongs to the variable volume, can take 25% of reserves, thoughtless if required throughput due to manufacture more (or less), the correct processing method is to change the pulley diameter and rotational speed change, can achieve the desired operation effect.

Roots pump belongs to the variable volume pump, so: (1) capacity and speed is proportional, (2) required power and speed and pressure proportional.

In all cases, roots vacuum pump can be used to reduce the speed by 50%, and also can guarantee the above advantages.

(3) the vacuum degree of the improved work quality can be obtained by certain methods, and is independent of the amount of water pumped, in the production of sheepskin paper plate, a liquid ring pump was installed on the vacuum roller and pay attention to the changes in vacuum degrees, the absolute pressure is 40~45mmHg. A separator and a roots pump were installed on the vacuum roller, and the same recording instrument was used to measure the absolute pressure of 5mmHg.

(4) self-protection paper machine once running, generally do not stop working. In practice, a self-protection system is adopted, which consists of two pumps with identical specifications and can be exchanged to form a two-stage pump group, with only one motor driving. If one computer stops working, the other can continue working. But the plumbing needs to be well laid. At this point, the linear velocity and vacuum may temporarily be slightly reduced.

(5) the vacuum unit can be installed in any suitable position. Since the roots vacuum pump only sucks air, it can be placed freely within 100 meters of the vacuum point. It is preferable to avoid low pressure areas in the tube. Separate gas and water separators (columnar landing separators, separators, etc.) are installed as closed systems with vacuum points.

(6) water immersion pump is harmless roots vacuum pump is able to withstand occasional water immersion. It can draw out the water.

In order to obtain higher vacuum degree, here recommend secondary or tertiary pump combination (i.e. two or three pump series), using tiny amounts of water infiltration (about 400 l/h).

Infiltration water is the purpose of: (1) ryukyu and scattered because of the compressed air to generate heat, and (2) to improve the volumetric efficiency of the pump, (3) the use of minimum power.

Roots vacuum pump unit


Roots vacuum pump unit

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