Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Transferring Air and Gas

Liquid ring vacuum pump characteristics of vacuum transportation

1. The equipment structure is simple, manufacturing, processing and installation are relatively simple, the control cost is less, and the establishment time is short. The main component of the liquid ring vacuum pump system is the welding structure of the section steel plate, which is composed of the parts with the shape of the pipe and the box. The relative movement and maintenance between the parts are relatively easy, or some control equipment is added, and the automatic operation will become easy.

2. High efficiency of guarantee and no return transportation of equipment. Other modes of transportation have the disadvantage of returning the transportation arm to the air, but the transportation material of the liquid ring mechanical pump is gas, which only needs to be discharged into the air by the terminal equipment. In the whole process of transportation, the supply and demand balance port can keep the balance of supply and demand and carry out the continuous transportation.

3. Good sanitary conditions. When the liquid ring vacuum pump is running in the pipeline, the material is in the negative pressure condition, which is not easy to leak and fly, and the material is not easy to disperse and pollute the environment. In the process of escort, we can also stop screening, boring and other intermediate processing. When the materials are stored under negative pressure, because the water is easy to evaporate under negative pressure, even if other dry arms are not used, the materials with high water content also have a certain dry effect in the storage. The weight difference of material particles can be used to design a suitable material mouth to screen the materials.

4. In addition, the transmission pipeline of liquid ring vacuum pump is easy to establish pipe network, the layout is complex and sensitive, which can be fully applied to the air and easy to adapt to the operating environment.
Based on the above analysis, we can see that the vacuum transportation of liquid ring vacuum pump has the characteristics of simple operation, high storage efficiency and good sanitary conditions. During the vacuum transportation, it can not only improve the efficiency of gas transportation and the cleanliness of the surrounding environment, but also improve the quality and use efficiency of gas transportation.

How to apply liquid ring vacuum pump in special gas environment

Vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum manufacturing equipment. Many processes such as production and processing need to be carried out in vacuum state. So vacuum pump is widely used in all walks of life. Generally, the oil type and dry type vacuum pump can only pump and transport the clean gas. If the air contains water vapor, condensed particles, dust, etc., it will cause the oil type vacuum pump and dry type vacuum pump to be easily damaged, which will cause frequent maintenance and shorten the service life. The requirements of oil vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump are very strict.

The liquid ring vacuum pump is more widely used in various processes than oil vacuum pump and dry vacuum pump because it can pump gas containing water vapor, condensed particles and dust. At the same time, the liquid ring vacuum pump can also pump and transport special gas, such as gas drainage and transportation.

Liquid ring vacuum pump advantages

1. Liquid ring vacuum pump can absorb air evenly;
2. The liquid ring vacuum pump is stable and safe;
3. The liquid ring vacuum pump is relatively simple and convenient in use and maintenance;
4. No lubricant is required for liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Transferring Air and Gas

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Transferring Air and Gas

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