Screw vacuum pump in flat panel display

Screw vacuum pump in flat panel display of application

Along with the above ever-present screen reading fantasy future is the high-speed development of the display panel industry. The manufacturing process of the panel is very complicated, from a glass substrate to the finished product needs at least 300 processes, the whole process needs to be carried out in a dust-free environment and precise technology. Therefore, a highly reliable vacuum supply is particularly important in panel production. Flat-panel display manufacturers now use dry screw vacuum pump technology to supply vacuum for their high-load L/L, CVD, PVD, etching, solvent evaporation and other processes. This article intends to introduce the application of screw vacuum pump in flat panel display.

The flat-panel display (FPD) manufacturing process needs to be able to support large processing Chambers and deliver vacuum and emission reduction equipment at high gas flow rates with maximum reliability. Poenoco vacuum equipment is required to pump toxic, spontaneous and corrosive gases and to process the large number of solid process by-products that form in the manufacturing process chamber.

Screw vacuum pump in flat panel display
Screw vacuum pump

In flat panel display, why choose to use screw vacuum pump?

The reason for choosing to use dry screw vacuum pump is actually related to its product characteristics. It has the following three advantages:

1. High reliability

The dry screw vacuum pump is particularly efficient, thanks to its proven twin screw design and intelligent temperature management, this series of vacuum pumps has a high degree of reliability and long service life even in the worst application environments.

2, equipped with energy saving mode function, can greatly save energy

The dry screw vacuum pump is equipped with high energy efficiency motor and world advanced energy saving mode function, the control system will automatically adjust to the energy saving mode according to the demand, and return to the maximum pumping speed mode when needed, thus saving a lot of energy.

3. Minimize maintenance and operation costs

A few of its components, including the rotor, are made in one piece, and thanks to the modular design and separate roots and screw pump frames, installation and maintenance are easy and overhaul costs are significantly reduced. Because the vacuum pump adopts the optimized space design and has the energy saving potential, the operating cost is very low.

The vacuum system composed of multiple dry screw pumps and roots pumps is the best solution for flat panel display applications, such as rapid evacuation for in-and-out chamber, transition chamber and thin-film deposition chamber. In the same kind of pump, they provide the fastest pumping time and the highest pumping speed. Through standardized design, the vacuum makes the supplied system extremely user-friendly. Customers also benefit from standardized interfaces such as electrical connections, purge gas and cooling water, easy equipment maintenance and optimized standby pump management.

The above content is the application of screw vacuum pump in flat panel display, if you want to know more, you can contact our company. According to the production of flat panel display CVD, PVD, etching, PR coating, box, OLED evaporation, packaging, ion implantation and other different process requirements, customized professional vacuum solutions for customers.

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