Vacuum system in press

Vacuum system in press of application

Compressor is one of the processes of making circuit boards by pressing copper foil and insulating layer materials together. High temperature, high pressure and vacuum are needed. The purpose of high temperature is to press the insulating layer from solid state to melting state. The vacuum unit is to extract the air and the gas released when the material is heated between the two materials. The higher the vacuum is, the cleaner the pumping is, and the higher the quality of the products processed.
Compressor generally consists of seven parts: frame (with worktable), wheel running part, wheel driving part, steel mould rotating part, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, electrical control part.
The utility model comprises a frame, a frame mounted on the frame, an oil cylinder assembly mounted on the frame and connected with an external hydraulic system, an upper and lower heat-resisting plate, a vacuum assembly between the upper and lower heating plates, and a transmission mechanism capable of carrying out the vacuum assembly. The vacuum assembly comprises an aluminum plate connected with the transmission mechanism and surrounded by the vacuum component, and is located below. The vacuum airbag between the lower plate vacuum plate, the aluminum plate and the vacuum plate connected with the rear end of the heating plate, and the backboard enclosed by the airbag are connected with the external air passage through a vacuum generator. The vacuum unit can slide on the guide rail mounted on the frame.
Next, for you to introduce the vacuum system applicable to the press.

Vacuum system in press

Roots Vacuum System Operation for Notes

Believe that we all know about the product knowledge before, in order to make better use of it, we should master more knowledge about it, especially its operation matters needing attention. The following article will give you a detailed introduction.
1. Roots vacuum system has uniform sound response, no noise and no abnormal vibration during operation.
2. Pay attention to the load of the motor and the temperature rise of each part of the pump. Under normal conditions, the highest temperature rise of Roots vacuum pump should not exceed 40 C, and the highest working temperature should not exceed 80 C.
3. Roots Vacuum Unit should stop working immediately if oil leakage is found in its work. After pressure relief, it should be inspected and repaired. Roots Vacuum Pump is not allowed to continue working or under pressure after oil leakage is found.
4. It is necessary to ensure the normal entry and exit of circulating cooling water in work.
The above four points are what we should pay attention to when Roots Vacuum System is running. We also hope that you will pay special attention to them when using them to ensure safe production.

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