Vacuum pump for vacuum infusion

Vacuum pouring technology of FRP and its advantages

Vacuum perfusion technology is a kind of process technology using vacuum pressure to make molding. The concept is to directly lay fiber reinforced materials and foam materials on the mould, then close the positive and negative mould (Yin Yang mould) or vacuum bag, seal the mold, then vacuum pump to the negative pressure state. Finally, the resin is spread through the whole system of the rubber hose, and the layer is made of the soaked component.

Advantages: compared with hand paste process, it has the following advantages:
1. The advantages of health care and safety guarantee reduce more than 90% of styrene volatilization. The working environment is clean, safe and healthy.
2. The production advantage consumables cost reduces the flow rate quickly reduces the work cycle mold opening process cost reduction.
3. The quality and performance advantages of the fiber reinforced fabric content have significantly improved the strength and higher, the size is more stable, the bubble content rarely reduces the human impact, and improves the stability of product quality.

The following is an introduction to the vacuum pump used for vacuum filling:

Vacuum pump for vacuum infusion

Tips for preventing oil return from liquid ring vacuum pump

When we use the liquid ring vacuum pump, the phenomenon of oil return often appears, which causes trouble in our application process. How can we prevent such phenomenon? Next, let’s learn from us:

1. Separate the oil near the exhaust valve of liquid ring vacuum pump from other oil, and the oil level is only slightly higher than the partition wall.
2. Move the oil tank and exhaust valve to the side to lower the oil level and reduce the oil volume.
3. The static sealing part of the shaft seal shall be reliable and shall be changed when ordered.
4. Add a pipe in the oil hole so that the oil level is only slightly higher than the oil inlet.
5. The base plane of liquid ring vacuum pump shall be flat, and the valve plate shall be elastic.
6. Set up oil pump and auxiliary organization, and block the oil way when the pump stops.
7. Set the check valve organization of liquid ring vacuum pump, and automatically close the oil inlet when the pump stops.
8. Its pump port is equipped with an inflation valve.

Today’s introduction is here. The above is about the way to prevent the oil return of liquid ring vacuum pump. In practice, doing these operations well can effectively prevent the oil return and ensure its normal operation. If you have any questions, welcome to inquire, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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