Liquid ring vacuum pumps series

When there are organic solvents and toxic substances in the pumped medium of liquid ring vacuum pump, the use method of direct discharge of working fluid has the following disadvantages:

When the liquid ring pump is pumping out the gas, the pumped gas and the working fluid are mixed, and the water discharged from the drainage outlet will contain some organic solvents and toxic substances. Because of the large discharge of water, the discharge of water has a great pressure on the environmental protection.

Water containing organic solvents and toxic substances will release harmful gases and aggravate environmental pollution. The extracted organic solvent is not easy to be recovered and wasted.

Liquid ring vacuum pump water filling method

The normal use of liquid ring vacuum pump is inseparable from water, the correct way of water filling is the beginning of the rational use of equipment, and the correct way can not only ensure the normal operation of vacuum pump, but also effectively extend its service life.

The manual water filling method is usually equipped with a bottom valve at the inlet of the water inlet pipe, and the manual water filling method is generally adopted, that is, the water is filled from the special water filling and exhaust hole on the upper part of the liquid ring vacuum pump unit shell by the water filling funnel. As there is no need to buy other water filling equipment, this method is quite common in small rural pumping stations.

The vacuum water tank filling method can be used for small pump stations without bottom valve. The vacuum water tank is a closed water tank welded with iron sheet. The installation position of the water tank shall be close to the liquid ring vacuum pump as much as possible, and the bottom height of the water tank shall be slightly lower than its axis.

You can also start the small pump station without bottom valve and check valve and with short pipeline, and fill water into the vacuum pump unit from the water outlet at the same time, so as to gradually bring out the air in the vacuum pump and pipeline. Generally, after several minutes of continuous water filling, the liquid ring vacuum pump can work normally.

In the process of water filling, liquid ring vacuum pump mainly adopts two ways: manual water filling and vacuum water tank water filling. Different ways of using environment and equipment requirements are also different. Enterprises can choose more suitable methods when choosing.

Liquid ring vacuum pump series

Liquid ring vacuum pumps series

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