How to choose Roots vacuum pump correctly

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Today small make up for you to sum up how to correctly choose the roots vacuum pump, and need to pay attention to matters

1. The working pressure of roots vacuum pump shall meet the requirements of extreme vacuum and working pressure of vacuum equipment. For example, a vacuum drying process requires a working vacuum of 10mmHg, the ultimate vacuum of the selected roots vacuum pump should be at least 2mmHg, and the best can reach 1mmHg. Generally, the ultimate vacuum of the selected pump is higher than the working vacuum of vacuum equipment by half to one order of magnitude.

2. Correctly select the operating point of roots vacuum pump. Each pump has a certain range of working pressure, such as: 2BV series water ring roots vacuum pump unit working pressure range of 760mmHg~25mmHg(absolute pressure), in such a wide range of pressure, pump speed with pressure changes (refer to the pump performance curve for detailed changes), its stable working pressure range of 760~60mmHg. Therefore, the working point of the pump should be selected in this range is more appropriate, and can not let it work in 25~30mmHg for a long time.

3. Requirements of vacuum equipment for oil pollution. If the equipment strictly requires no oil, should choose a variety of pumps, such as: water ring pump, molecular sieve adsorption pump, sputtering ion pump, cryogenic pump. If the requirements are not strict, you can choose a pump, plus some anti-oil pollution measures, such as cold trap, baffle, oil trap, etc., can also meet the requirements of clean vacuum.

4, to understand the composition of the gas, gas containing condensable steam, no particle dust, no corrosion, etc. When selecting a roots vacuum pump, you need to know the gas composition and select the appropriate pump for the pumped gas. If the gas contains steam, particles, and corrosive gases, it should be considered to install auxiliary equipment, such as condenser, dust remover, etc. on the inlet pipe line of the pump.

5, roots vacuum pump in its working pressure, should be able to discharge all the gas produced in the process of vacuum equipment.

6. Correctly assemble roots vacuum pump. As a result of the roots vacuum pump has the selective pumping, therefore, sometimes chooses a kind of pump to be unable to satisfy the pumping request, needs several kinds of pumps to combine, may supplement mutually to satisfy the pumping request. For example, the titanium sublimation pump has a high pumping speed for hydrogen, but cannot pump helium, while the three-pole sputtering ion pump (or the two-pole asymmetric cathode sputtering ion pump) has a certain pumping speed for argon. In addition, some roots vacuum pump can not work under atmospheric pressure, the need for pre-vacuum; Some roots vacuum pump outlet pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, the need for the former pump, so the pump needs to be used together.

7. Whether the vibration caused by the operation of roots vacuum pump has any influence on the process and environment. If the process does not allow, should choose no vibration of the pump or take anti-vibration measures.

8. What is the influence of oil vapor discharged by roots vacuum pump on the environment? If the environment does not allow pollution, you can choose oil-free roots vacuum pump, or the oil vapor exhaust to the outdoor.


ZJ Vacuum Roots pump picture display

ZJ Vacuum Roots pump

ZJ Roots Vacuum Pump Technical Parameters:

Model ZJ-150 ZJ-300 ZJ-600 ZJ-1200
Pumping speed(L/s) 150 300 600 1200
Ultimate pressure
1 stage piston pump as backing pump 5×10-2
2 stage piston pump as backing pump 1×10-1
Max. allowable diff. pressure(Pa) 8×103 5×103
Motor rotary speed(RPM) 3000
Suitable motor power(kW) 2.2 4 7.5 11
Flange size Inlet(mm) 100 150 200 250
outlet(mm) 100 150 200 200
Cooling water consumption(L/h) 120 150
Allowable temperature(℃) 100
Vacuum pump oil 100#
Weight(without motor)(kg) 195 250 760 860


ZJP Vacuum Roots pump picture display

ZJP Vacuum Roots pump

ZJP Roots Vacuum Pump Technical Parameters:

odel ZJP- 70 ZJP- 150 ZJP- 300 ZJP- 600 ZJP- 1200 ZJP- 2500
Pumping speed(L/s) 70 150 300 600 1200 2500
Ultimate pressure
5×10-2 (1 stage piston pump as backing pump)
1×10-1 (2 stage piston pump as backing pump)
Diff. pressure at overflow valve (Pa) 4×103 2. 7×103
Motor rotary speed(RPM) 3000
Suitable motor power(kW) 1.1 2.2 4 7.5 11 22
Flange size inlet(mm) 80 100 150 200 250 320
outlet(mm) 80 100 150 200 200 320
Cooling water consumption(L/h) 120 150 200
Allowable temperature(℃) 100
Vacuum pump oil 100#
Weight(without motor)(kg) 110 205 265 780 880 1350


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