Rotary vane vacuum pump for integrated automation

Rotary vane vacuum pump of integrated automation is the future development direction

Because of its unique working principle and irreplaceable functional characteristics, vacuum pump has a very wide range of applications in the field of engineering industry. In the economic fields of different industries such as precision electronics, engineering machinery, chemical industry and agriculture, different types and specifications of vacuum pump play an important role in improving the efficiency and efficiency of economic production. Among all kinds of vacuum pumps, the rotary vane vacuum pump is the most widely used in the industrial field. It is one of the most important types of vacuum pump, and also the most rapidly developed type of vacuum pump with functional structure.

Rotary vane vacuum pump for integrated automation

In order to meet the market demand, the domestic vacuum pump equipment industry enterprises should make great efforts in the integration and automation of vacuum pump production. In the production of vacuum pump equipment, while taking into account the requirements of multiple varieties and small batch production of rotary vane vacuum pump products, we should pay attention to the function switching design of rotary vane vacuum pump equipment, improve the integrated function of rotary vane vacuum pump, and make it have better functional applicability. In order to make the vane vacuum pump have good flexibility, the domestic vacuum pump equipment manufacturers should strive to improve the degree of automation of the vane vacuum pump, adopt the microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination form, use the microcomputer as the conventional control system of the vacuum pump, realize the order execution action of the vane vacuum pump, and further improve the intelligent degree of the vane vacuum pump equipment.

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of the production process and technology of the rotary vane vacuum pump equipment, the domestic vacuum pump industry enterprises can further improve the working efficiency of the vacuum pump equipment, improve the driving equipment and control core of the vacuum pump products, reduce the scrap rate and failure rate in the production process of the vacuum pump, improve the integration and automation function of the rotary vane vacuum pump products, and serve the industry of our country New development vitality is injected into production.

How to repair the failure of vacuum pump?

If the vacuum pump and system pipeline are leaking, leaking or damaged, or the engine is started to step on the brake pedal, if the supercharger has no “flutter, flutter…” sound, it indicates that the vacuum pump is faulty.

(1) Oil leakage at the end cover. Check whether the tightening torque is enough. If not, tighten according to the specified torque. Check whether the joint surface of the pump body or pump cover is deformed. If it is deformed, replace the damaged parts or repair the joint surface. If the sealing ring is damaged, replace the seal

(2) The efficiency of vacuum pump is low and there is noise, so it can not produce vacuum suction. Check whether the clearance between the blade and its groove of the vacuum pump is too large. If yes, replace the blade, check whether the joint of the pipe is in good condition, check whether the check valve is not tightened. If necessary, replace the connecting pipe or tighten the check valve according to the specified torque. Check whether the poor lubrication causes the efficiency reduction. If yes, lubricate the lubricating oil passage.

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