Environmental Protection Screw Vacuum Pump

The appearance of the screw vacuum pump has broken the monopoly of foreign dry screw vacuum pump technology, making China the sixth country to master the oil-free dry screw vacuum pump technology, greatly reducing the production cost of the enterprise, and the design of environmental protection pressure screw vacuum pump because it no longer uses sealing liquid or a large amount of vacuum oil, thereby reducing the use cost and reducing environmental pollution The rod rotor rotates reversely in the pump cavity driven by a pair of synchronous gears. This kind of structure is simple. The single-stage air extraction method can effectively avoid the accumulation or accumulation of process raw materials in the pump cavity. There is no contact between the screws and between the screws and the pump body, so it can extract quantitative liquid and soft micro particles. Screw vacuum pump has a high vacuum degree, which can be used alone or as a pre pump and roots vacuum pump to form a medium high vacuum system.

Screw vacuum pump industry status

In recent years, the market demand of screw vacuum pump is more and more obvious. The old-fashioned water ring vacuum pump has been unable to meet the requirements of anti-corrosion and environmental protection. Many oil-free vacuum pumps and high corrosion-resistant vacuum pumps have gradually replaced the previous vacuum pumps. The continuous development of water ring vacuum pump is undergoing strict tests, especially the recent national attention to environmental protection and the enhancement of environmental awareness, Let a lot of enterprises have improved the attention to new equipment. In China, there are basically certain scale vacuum pump manufacturers that have stepped into the field of research and development of screw vacuum pump. Because of the urgent demand of market economy, for manufacturers, not developing new products will be eliminated by the market. The development of vacuum industry has always been closely related to various industries. If this kind of vacuum pump has environmental protection type, simple structure and use time It will be a revolutionary change when the screw vacuum pump with long space and no pollution will come out.

screw vacuum pump main structure and performance characteristics

1. There is no medium in the working chamber, so a clean vacuum can be obtained;
2. The surface of pump cavity and screw rotor is provided with anti-corrosion coating, which is suitable for severe working conditions;
3. The rotating parts have no friction, can run at high speed, and the whole machine is small;
4. The pumped gas is directly discharged from the pump body, which is convenient for tail gas recovery and free of environmental pollution;
5. It can form a dry vacuum unit with roots pump;
Note: the inner cavity of the screw pump body is PTFE coated, and the rotor surface is optional with Ni-P coating and PTFE coating.

Screw vacuum pump energy saving and environmental protection analysis

The efficiency has reached 85%. Through the observation and analysis of vacuum application field in recent years, the development of vacuum pump can not be in the original state. Now many large projects require vacuum system, most of which are application products with strong environmental protection concept and corrosion resistance effect. The whole vacuum market has

After slowly moving towards oil-free system products, the pattern of renewal has gradually formed, and the demand of screw vacuum pump is also increasing year by year. The birth of our company’s product will break the monopoly of this technology, and screw vacuum pump will become the mainstream

Comparison between screw vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump (jet pump):

Advanced technology, the fifth generation of advanced composite variable pitch screw technology.

Environmental protection – no oil, no water and no pollution, clean vacuum can be obtained.
The pumped materials can be recycled, especially suitable for oil and gas recovery, solvent recovery, special gas recovery and other industries.
Energy saving, using variable pitch energy saving technology, can reduce energy consumption by 30%.
Resistant to chemical corrosion, with multi-layer anti-corrosion protection layer, it can adapt to the worse working conditions.
Air cooling, with air cooling structure, is more convenient and simple to use.
It can save manpower, maintain thousands to tens of thousands of hours, high reliability and low failure.

Environmental Protection Screw Vacuum Pump

Environmental Protection Screw Vacuum Pump

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