Blower in sewage treatment plant

When the existing sewage treatment devices in the sewage treatment plant carry out sewage treatment, they usually only go through simple treatment such as dosing, sedimentation, purification and so on, namely discharge, rather than recycling, resulting in waste of water resources. The process of sewage treatment involves many theories, technologies and methods. There are many applications of vacuum technology. The application of blowers in sewage treatment plant hopes to alleviate the environmental pollution and make sewage treatment an important aspect of environmental protection.

In essence, sewage treatment is to use various means and technologies to separate the pollutants in the sewage or convert them into harmless substances, so that the sewage can be purified and meet the discharge standards.

According to the degree of treatment, sewage treatment (mainly urban domestic sewage and some industrial sewage treatment) can be generally divided into three levels: first level, second level and third level. The primary treatment is to remove the suspended solid pollutants. The secondary treatment is to remove the organic pollutants (i.e. BOD) which are colloidal and dissolved in sewage. The third stage treatment is to further remove the pollutants that the second stage treatment fails to remove.

Vacuum technology refers to the scientific test, physical measurement and technological production under the condition of lower than atmospheric pressure. With the wide use of vacuum technology, vacuum technology is more and more inseparable from people’s life, in which blowers play an increasingly important role in sewage treatment.

Blower is used to transport water, wet sludge and flocculant liquid in sewage treatment because of its variable transportation, strong self-priming ability, reversibility and ability to transport liquid containing solid particles. According to the demand of sewage treatment project, the selection of vacuum pump should follow the principle of economy, rationality and reliability.


blower in sewage treatment plant typical application:

1. Vacuum filtration dehydration

It is characterized by continuous operation, stable operation, large processing capacity, automatic process operation, and the solid content of the treated mud cake can meet the dehydration requirements. Vacuum degree is the driving force of vacuum filtration, which is directly related to filtration productivity and operation cost.

2. Vacuum mold

It has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, corrosion resistance and easy control. Keeping different vacuum and temperature can improve the quality and speed of crystallization.

3. Vacuum aeration, flotation, agitation and others can remove the bubbles on the sludge flocs discharged from the digestion tank and greatly improve the sedimentation performance of sludge.

The application of the blower in the sewage treatment plant has obviously improved the degree of sewage purification, which is conducive to the recovery and reuse of water resources. Now we will introduce some precautions of using the blower as follows:

1. Selection of blower speed

The flow rate of the blower is linear with the rotating speed. Compared with the low-speed vacuum pump, the high-speed blower can increase the flow rate and the head, but the power increases obviously. The high-speed blower accelerates the abrasion between the rotor and the stator, which will cause the premature failure of the vacuum pump, and the stator and rotor length of the high-speed blower is very short, which is very easy to wear, so the service life of the blower is shortened.

2. Ensure that sundries do not enter the pump body

The solid debris mixed in the wet sludge will cause damage to the rubber stator of the punok vacuum pump, so it is very important to ensure that the debris does not enter the pump cavity. Many sewage plants have installed a crusher in front of the pump, and some have installed a grid device or filter screen to prevent the debris from entering the real air pump. The grid should be removed in time to avoid blocking.

3. Quality of blower

The blower design is reasonable, the material is excellent, the rated life is long, the service is in place, is a good choice.

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