Piston Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Piston Vacuum Pump principle:

EVP is one of the manufacturers of piston vacuum pumps in China. company produces piston vacuum pumps, which are currently divided into single-stage piston vacuum pumps and double stage piston vacuum pumps.the working principle of piston vacuum pump is similar to that of rotary vane vacuum pump, but their structures are different. Piston vacuum pump uses sliding valve mechanism to change the volume of suction chamber, so it is called piston vacuum pump.

Piston Vacuum Pump structure:

The structure of the piston vacuum pump is mainly casing,piston,eccentric,shaft, hinge bars,conunterbalanced wheel ,oil-gas separator,shield, Sealed cap ,sealed cap,gas ballast valve, pulley & shaft sleeve, exhaust valve parts composition。

The pump body is equipped with a sliding valve ring. The sliding valve ring is equipped with an eccentric wheel. The eccentric wheel is fixed on the shaft, and the axis coincides with the center line of the pump body. A rectangular sliding stem is installed on the sliding valve ring, which can slide up and down and swing left and right in the semicircular sliding valve guide rail. Therefore, the pump chamber is separated into A and B compartments by the sliding valve ring and the sliding valve stem. During the operation of the pump, as the volume of chambers A and B changes periodically, the exhausted gas enters the suction chamber which gradually enlarges its volume. At the same time, as the volume of the exhaust chamber decreases, the gas is compressed and discharged out of the pump through the exhaust valve.

Piston Vacuum Pump Manufacturer

Piston vacuum pump application:

Piston vacuum pump can be widely used in vacuum impregnation and vacuum drying of transformers, wires and cables, capacitors in power industry. It is an ideal vacuum equipment for vacuum coating, vacuum smelting, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum oil filtration, freeze-drying and aviation simulation test. If a small amount of water vapor or dust is sucked, a filter device should be installed.

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