liquid ring vacuum pump of effective cooling method

When liquid ring vacuum pump is used in production and enterprise use, it will not stop, or shut down the equipment due to the requirements of the production process. Sometimes, the equipment will overheat. We must take effective measures to reduce the temperature.

liquid ring vacuum pump of effective cooling method

1. Rotor cooling oil film. This cooling method involves connecting the tubing to the entrance of the liquid ring vacuum pump and using the uniformly dripping cooling oil to take heat away from the rotor.

2. Air cooling. The so-called wet liquid ring vacuum pump means that the air inhaled by the inter stage or two-stage pump is compressed and transmitted through the combined muffler with complete absorption and phase difference.

3. Water cooling. The heat generated by gas transmission and compression must be dissipated from the rotor to the housing.

4. Internal cooling of rotor. In order to make the liquid ring vacuum pump work at a higher differential pressure, a more effective cooling method can be adopted, that is, cooling the rotor with circulating oil, cooling with oil hole and pump head. The oil hole and oil diameter shaft head are respectively inserted into the two ends of the pump shaft. It passes through the inner wall of the rotor and then discharges from the other end.

liquid ring vacuum pumps

For the four cooling methods of liquid ring vacuum pump, the cooling mode must be selected according to different operating environment and equipment conditions. This not only cools quickly, but also does not cause too much damage to the entire equipment.

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