Vacuum pump for vacuum preservation

The utility model relates to a household vacuum preservation device, which is composed of a vacuum pump, a suction pipe and a suction one-way valve, a vacuum degree control device, a vacuum indicator device, a sealable box body and a corresponding electrical circuit. Also attached can be used independently to store food and other vacuum dishes and vacuum at any time on a variety of vacuum dishes vacuum nozzle and suction suction device. It is characterized by reasonable structure, low cost and low energy consumption. The vacuum dish can expand storage space and also can preserve other items and samples. Widely used for home, medical storage, commercial sector display and sales use.

Vacuum pump for vacuum preservation

In daily life, what is the principle of vacuum preservation

In daily life, people often use vacuum packaging to ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables and extend their storage date. That and screw vacuum pump manufacturers look at the vacuum preservation is how to achieve?

Vacuum preservation technology is to put food into plastic bags, and then pump the gas in the bag and seal it, creating a vacuum environment in the bag and realizing the long-term preservation of food. The vacuum environment has several characteristics: low oxygen partial pressure, low water gas content, food gas and volatile gas more easily to space diffusion. It is these characteristics that make food keep fresh for a long time.

Vacuum preservation package

1. Low partial oxygen pressure. Spoilage of food is mainly caused by the life activities of microorganisms. The basic life processes of microorganisms are nutrition and respiration. Breathing oxygen is a biological process of oxidation that releases the energy needed for microbial life. The respiration of microorganisms is the oxidation of food. Sugars, organic acids, alcohols and fats can all become oxidizing materials in the process of microbial respiration.

In a vacuum, the oxygen partial pressure in the package is low. In anoxic environment, the growth and reproduction of aerobic microorganisms will be inhibited. Under normal conditions, such as mold in the oxygen content of less than 0.5% ~ 1.0% of the environment will stop breeding. Therefore, vacuum packaging can prevent microorganisms from causing food spoilage and achieve vacuum preservation. In addition, low oxygen partial pressure can protect the pigment in food from oxidation and keep the primary color.

2. Low moisture content in vacuum environment. And water also is the necessary condition of microbial life activity, dried meat, vegetables can be preserved for a long time is because the microbial lack of water lost living conditions. Vacuum packaging can provide a vacuum environment with low relative humidity and inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

3. the gas inside the food and its volatile gas more easily to space diffusion. Under low pressure, ethylene and volatile metabolites in food, such as carbon dioxide, alcohol and acetic acid, are more easily diffused outward, which can delay or inhibit the aging of fruits and vegetables, realize vacuum preservation, and expel peculiar smell at the same time.

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