Piston vacuum pump in drainage system

Due to the super-high suction well, loose bottom valve and heavy self weight of the water in the suction pipe, the vacuum degree in the suction pipe is difficult to meet the requirements, so that the drainage efficiency of the main drainage pump is low and can not meet the drainage requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to use a mechanical equipment to improve the vacuum. It is suggested to use a piston vacuum pump to improve the drainage efficiency of the main drainage pump.

There are two ways of mine drainage: self flow drainage and lift drainage. The adit self flow drainage is economical and reliable, and the water is channeled to the ground. The ditch section is inverted trapezoid, the effective area depends on the flow of water, generally 0.05-0.15m2, the longitudinal gradient of roadway is required to be 3 ‰ – 5 ‰, and the velocity of water in the ditch is 0.4-0.6m/s. Lift type drainage is used to supply water for auxiliary pump to discharge to the ground. It is divided into fixed type and mobile type.

With the rapid development of economy, coal mine construction, as the national basic energy, has entered a new stage of large-scale, intensive and automatic. Piston vacuum pump with high vacuum, ultra-low mute, light volume, completely free of oil and gas, is widely used in automation equipment, laboratory, air detection equipment, photoelectric semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Using the piston vacuum pump to drain water in the main drainage system of the mine can change the disaster relief after the accident into the prevention in advance. The drainage system always runs in the non accident state and ensures the safety of life and property before the accident occurs. The practice shows that the system has played a key role in the rescue work of many large and major water disasters, achieved the expected purpose and achieved good results.


Two piston vacuum pumps are added to the temporary drainage system of a customer. The principle of vacuum pump in the drainage system is used to meet the use requirements of the drainage system, improve the working efficiency of the drainage system and meet the design requirements. At the same time, it improves

The way of replenishing water reduces the labor intensity. Compared with the original drainage system, piston vacuum pump has the following advantages:

1. The occurrence of cavitation is eliminated, which is conducive to daily maintenance;

2. Improve the start-up mode of drainage pump to provide conditions for the realization of automatic remote control of drainage system;

3. Simplify the starting procedure and reduce the labor intensity when starting the water pump;

4. The use of vacuum pump can cancel the bottom valve, avoid the maintenance of the bottom valve, and improve the drainage efficiency.

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