Vacuum system for dehydration shrinkage

The bubble and dehydration shrinkage of UV glue often affect the product performance. In the actual production and use of UVs, some thicker UVs (viscosity more than 20000cp) sometimes have dehydration shrinkage. The structure of the gel continues to form and develop after the dehydration of macromolecule solution or sol gel. As time goes on, colloidal particles or macromolecules will be further closer and directed more completely, so that the skeleton of the gel will shrink, and some of the liquid will be separated from the gel, which is called dehydration or desiccation. The vacuum system is used to solve the bubble and dehydration shrinkage in the process of Uvglue deblocking.

Defoaming is a process in solution spinning production, which aims to remove the bubbles in the spinning solution before spinning, so as to ensure the normal spinning process.

vacuum system has the following advantages:

1. Reduce noise in the plant

2. Avoid wasting power

3. Movable system, flexible installation, less space occupation

4. Fully automatic control, plus a certain surplus, to reduce the impact of equipment shutdown on production

5. Convenient operation, high stability and reliability.

Because of its many advantages, it is widely used in various industries, such as electronic industry, glass processing, CNC engraving, mechanical manufacturing, optical disk industry, semiconductor industry, vacuum defoaming, vacuum fixation, vacuum fixture, vacuum adsorption, etc.


How to use vacuum system to solve the problem of defoaming and dehydration?

Three main factors of defoaming: time, temperature and pressure.

Temperature heating: 1. Increase the viscosity of the glue, 2. Accelerate the fluidity of the glue, 3. Increase the moisture

Pressure: 1. Accelerate the flow of glue, 2. Increase moisture, 3. Press to remove bubbles

Time: 1. Make the glue flow continuously, 2. Remove bubbles by catalytic dissolution

Using the external pressure to become smaller, the volume of bubbles becomes larger, floating up to the surface to break.

The application of vacuum system in the defoaming of UV glue can solve the problems that can not be solved by the traditional mixing equipment, so that the slurry and powder of different components can be fully mixed evenly, without stratification, without bubbles, with high efficiency, and the processing time is 3 minutes at a time. Meet the requirements of mixing process to high quality.

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