Vaccum pump for blister packing machine

Vacuum pumps are widely used in factories in major industries, and they are often accessible to us. Vacuum pump for blister packing machine. From the overall structure and working principle, blister packaging machine can generally be divided into three series: roller blister packaging machine, roll plate blister packaging machine, flat blister packaging machine.

The vacuum pump used in blister packing machine reduces a lot of procedures that can not be operated artificially and improves work efficiency. So today, let’s learn about the application of vacuum pump in blister packing machine.

The working principle and technological process of blister packaging machine:

Roller blister packer

Working Principle of Roller Type Bubble Cover Packaging Machine: The forming film is heated and softened by heating device, and the bubbles are sucked out by vacuum negative pressure on the roller type forming die roll. The filling device fills the package into the bubbles cover, and then through the roller type heat sealing device, the covering film coated with adhesives on one side is sealed in the bubbles cover under suitable temperature and pressure. The surface of the material is sealed in the blister. After typing and embossing, the batch number is printed and the broken line is extruded. Finally, the punching device is punched and cut into a certain size product plate.

Flat blister packaging machine

The working principle of flat-plate blister packaging machine: the forming film is heated and softened by flat-plate heating device. In flat-plate forming device, the softened film is blown into a blister by compressed air. The filling device fills the package into the blister, and then sends it to flat-plate sealing device. Under appropriate temperature and pressure, the film is covered and formed. The type film is sealed, then the batch number is printed on the typewriter and the broken line is pressed out. Finally, the punching device is punched and cut into the product plate of the specified size.

Roller-plate blister packaging machine

Roller-plate blister packaging machine is developed on the basis of roller-plate blister packaging machine, that is, flat-plate blister packaging machine is used for blow-moulding (positive pressure moulding) and roller-type sealing device is used for sealing. Its working principle is basically the same as those of the above two kinds.


Blister packaging machine operating:

1. Prepare medicines and packaging materials, change batch number template, install PVC and aluminum foil, check cooling water and clean equipment carefully;

2. Turn on the power switch and turn on the compressed air.

3. Press the heating key and adjust the heating and sealing temperature control meters to the appropriate temperature respectively.

4. Pull the PVC hard sheet under the punching cutter through the passage, and pull the aluminum foil under the heat sealing plate.

5. When the heating plate and the heat sealing plate are raised to the appropriate temperature, the cooling temperature meter should be adjusted to the appropriate temperature (generally 30 C).

6. When the medicine fills the whole discharging track, press the green button of the motor and run empty. When the blowing, heat sealing and punching meet the requirements, press the vibration button of the tablet bucket and the planetary distribution switch.

7. When adjusting the cutting material, make the cutting material meet the requirements and pack normally.

8. After packaging, shut down the machine in the following order: press the shutdown button of the tablet bucket – press the red button of the motor – stop the main engine – close the main power switch – close the intake valve – close the intake valve. Then, clean up the machine and the site, and maintain the packaging equipment.

If you do not know how to choose the vacuum pump in the application of blister packaging machine, please consult the manufacturer of EVP vacuum pump, we will work out the perfect scheme!

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