Vacuum pump for laminator

Model: SV-010
Limit vacuum: 1.33 x 103 Pa
Pumping rate: 50HZ 10m3/h

Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for laminator

Only clean gas without corrosiveness can be pumped; no liquid, steam, dust, particles, acid, alkali, salt and other substances can be pumped.
Rotary vane vacuum pump is specially designed for mobile phone screen fitting machine. We have adapted connectors for your machine. Connect power lines, distribute vacuum pump oil, pack wooden boxes. When you come home, you can use it as long as you take the tube to refuel. It has high vacuum, high pumping speed, durability, convenience and ease. It is your best choice.

Cautions for use of rotary vane vacuum pump?

1. Inlet pressure range: 100Pa~10000Pa. Oil mist will be generated at the outlet of vacuum pump when working beyond this range. The working environment temperature and the inhalation gas temperature of XD rotary vane vacuum pump should be between 5 ~40 C.
2. Rotary vane vacuum pump can not pump water, explosive, flammable, excessive oxygen content, corrosive gas.
3. Generally supplied motors are not explosion-proof. If explosion-proof or other special requirements are required, the motor must meet the relevant standards.

Vacuum laminator

Vacuum laminator

Cautions for the use of vacuum laminator?

With the more and more extensive use of vacuum laminator, some technical difficulties have been overcome by our technicians, so the key is some details when using the laminator. Everyone knows that the whole bonding process includes: separation – degumming – Cleaning – Coating – bonding – defoaming – pressing bracket (which is needed by Apple Mobile). Following is a brief introduction of some details that you should pay attention to when using vacuum laminator.
As we all know, the screen of mobile phone is composed of LCD screen and glass cover (usually touch screen). The working principle of vacuum laminator is to place the LCD screen and glass cover (touch screen) in the vacuum cylinder of the laminator, and then use vacuum pump to extract air from the vacuum cylinder (tray) of the laminator to form a vacuum environment, and finally press the mould in the vacuum cylinder. The drop will press the LCD screen and the glass cover (touch screen). Friends in the maintenance industry should know that LCD screen and glass cover (touch screen) are bonded by OCA optical glue.
The main core part of the vacuum laminator is the precision of the PLC control system and the parts. The precision of the parts affects the precision of the PLC control system, and the precision of the whole vacuum laminator is affected by the PLC control system. So: precise PLC control system and precise spare parts can form a good laminator.
Vacuum laminator is the main equipment of pressing screen now. The biggest reason is that the quality of a laminator completely determines the quality of the laminated screen.

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