ZJ-53B thermocouple gauge

Type NO. : ZJ-53B thermocouple vacuum gauge

Type the regulations made after stabilizing treatment, heat capacity of tiny nickel chrome – constantan as a heating wire and the thermocouple wire, with ambient temperature automatic compensation and dust prevention functions. With simple structure, wide range, rapid response, pollution resistance, oxidation resistance, drift small, long life, stable performance, price moderate, etc. Especially used in low vacuum measurement.

ZJ-53B thermocouple gauge


ZJ-53B thermocouple gauge size

Main technical parameters:
1. Measurement range: 400-1×10-1pa
2. Heating current :28±1.5mA
3, the resistance to hot wire ling: 9.5 + / – 1 Ω (23 + / – 3 ℃)
4. Hot wire temperature: 40-150 ℃
5. Scattered: no more than ±20%
6. Vacuum connection form and baking temperature:
Ф pipe is 15.5 + / – 0.5 80 ℃
Ф 15.5 + / – 0.1 metal straight tube 80 ℃
KF10 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF16 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF25 quick discharge flange 80℃
KF40 quick discharge flange 80℃
CF16 ultra high flange 450℃
CF25 ultra high flange 450℃
CF35 ultra-high flange 450℃

Vacuum gauge classification

1. Thermocouple gauge

At present, the main domestic thermocouple gauges 51 series, 53B/54D and so on. Mainly used for low vacuum measurement.

2. Pirani Series (Resistance regulator)

At present domestic resistance gauge model is mainly 52T series. Mainly used for coarse and low vacuum measurement.

The PG-500 is used with the watch head

Pg-600 communication digital signal directly connected to the PC

Pg-700 switch can directly set the control point for control

3. Hot cathode regulator

The main models are ZJ-2 series, ZJ-10 series, ZJ-27 series, B-A gauge and so on.

This type of regulator is mainly used for high vacuum measurement.

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