Sea vacuum pump in desalination process

Application of sea vacuum pump in desalination process

Desalination is the production of fresh water by desalination. It is an open-source incremental technology to realize the utilization of water resources. It can increase the total amount of fresh water. The reverse osmosis method is free from the influence of time, space and climate. It has good water quality and reasonable price. It can guarantee the stable water supply for coastal residents and industrial boilers. At present, the methods of seawater desalination include freezing method, electrodialysis method and distillation method. At present, the reverse osmosis method with reverse osmosis membrane, with its advantages of simple equipment, easy maintenance and modularization of equipment, quickly occupies the market and gradually replaces distillation method as a widely used method. Raw water high-pressure pump set, can be used in all aspects of desalination process, welcome customers to buy.

Marine desalination equipment

Fully consider the requirements of customers for design and production, according to the particularity of ship application, we have carried out a special design, which is small in size, light in weight, low in land occupation, convenient in installation and strong in adaptability, and can be installed in narrow and crowded cabin, deck, crew cabin, aisle and other spaces. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. As long as there is sea water and electricity, fresh water can be provided immediately after startup. The equipment has high desalination rate, stable performance, safety and reliability, novel and ingenious design, which avoids frequent cleaning and environmental pollution. The frame is made of stainless steel, rust proof and corrosion-resistant. The power supply has a wide range of applications (220-380415v / 50Hz / 60Hz / three-phase), which can adapt to most ships of GN production. The desalination water quality meets GJ drinking water quality standard.

reverse osmosis

In the reverse osmosis desalination process, only water molecules and a small amount of ions can pass through the reverse osmosis membrane, and other ions and impurities will be retained and concentrated with the decrease of water content. This method is very energy-saving because there is no phase change. The pore diameter of the reverse osmosis membrane is less than 10 × 10-10 M. it can filter out all kinds of bacteria, viruses, heat sources and other pollutants at the same time, and obtain high-quality pure water. Low production cost with low salt and other impurities. Raw water high pressure pump set can be used for vacuum pump pumping in this process.

Sea vacuum pump in desalination process

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