liquid ring vacuum pump to suct waste gas from extruder

Vacuum pump for plastic extrusion sheet machine + vacuum pump for plastic granulator

2BV2 series products

Economical and practical, machine and pump coaxial

This point is the difference between the coaxial design liquid ring pump of 2BV2 machine pump and the traditional design liquid ring pump, making it more suitable for supporting plastic machinery and pharmaceutical machinery.

Safe, reliable and at the same time

When the actual operation has high requirements for security and reliability, 2BV2 has incomparable advantages. The pumps can be made of a variety of materials or combinations, including stainless steel, bronze, ceramic, cast iron and lining ceramic layers. According to the specific process requirements, different materials can be selected to ensure that it is not corroded.

It is used globally and is well stocked

No matter where in the world you use our 2BV2 liquid ring vacuum pump, only a few models can cover the world’s input voltage level, thus greatly reducing your inventory cost.

Liquid ring vacuum pump competitive advantage

In manufacturing, profits are getting thinner. You need efficient, affordable and durable equipment. Our pump system is designed to help you achieve goals, production efficiency and reduce costs.

Vacuum pumps bring innovative vacuum technology with tapered ports to the market. It is designed to provide positive displacement pumps for maximum efficiency and low initial cost, while still aiming to extend pump life and reduce maintenance. The center of our pump’s strength is its patented dual water supply system. This can reduce the amount of fresh water required for your operations and reduce utility costs.

Use the movable bearing frame which can adjust the center automatically. This innovative design speeds up maintenance and reduces downtime.

We are always focused on service life and long term operating costs, so we use stainless steel components designed to extend the service life of the pump and minimize life cycle costs.

Our bolted design reduces transportation costs and helps the system be fixed directly to your existing system. Our alternative liquid ring vacuum pump system enables you to resume production more quickly. We will follow up a wide range of technical support and analysis team, to help your maintenance team with the least amount of trouble, frustrations, and the way to set up the delay. Our team will help you to choose the pump to get fit your correct choice of the factory.

Field vacuum pump test

Will our test equipment (orifice or test manifold) to your factory, and for each hole test liquid ring vacuum pump. Collected data are used to your existing pump dry air current performance comparing with original manufacturer’s marketing performance curve.

liquid ring vacuum pump to suct waste gas from extruder

liquid ring vacuum pump to suct waste gas from extruder

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