Vacuum pump in honey production process

Vacuum pump in honey production of application

Honey is a viscous, transparent or translucent liquid that is also a biologically active natural supplement and sweetener. The main components of honey are sugar, the total content of sugar is about 75%, mainly including fructose (25% ~ 48%), glucose (25% ~ 46%), sucrose (0% ~ 10%) and maltose (0% ~ 6%). There are also trace amino acids, yeast, vitamins, enzymes, pollen and wax components. Whether there is peculiar smell in honey, whether there are impurities, whether the deterioration, etc., are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the production process, so the application of vacuum pump in the operation process of honey production has played a role?

Vacuum pump in honey production process

Vacuum pump manufacturers briefly introduced the honey producti on operation process of the key content.

1, the filtration process is the focus of the production process, first check whether the filter is intact, the honey filtration is divided into coarse filtration, fine filtration secondary filtration, coarse filtration depending on the situation of impurities in the honey is divided into one, two and three times filtration. The filtration temperature of honey is kept at about 40, so that it can pass through multiple filtration smoothly to remove impurities and a small amount of larger grain crystals. Remove dead bees, larvae, wax residue and other impurities from honey by coarse filtration. Honey fine filter for the use of more than 120 mesh filter.

2. Honey sterilization is the key point in the production process. Honey defoaming process is the key to ensure the quality of honey. Honey in addition to crystallization is the finished product of honey to maintain a liquid state or crystal state. Honey concentration is a mechanical means taken under the condition that honey moisture is higher and cannot meet the requirements of national standards. Honey concentration must be carried out under the condition of low temperature and vacuum. The concentration temperature of honey is below 55C. The problems of honey crystallization, frothing, frothing, bottle bulging or floc are mainly existed in this process.

3. Vacuum filtration should be carried out in the sealing device as far as possible to shorten the heating time and reduce the flavor loss; The concentrated honey is quickly filtered into the finished pot and lowered to the required temperature for filling according to the material of the bottle. Operate strictly according to process requirements, check product quality, measure moisture in accordance with national standards.

The above mentioned honey production operations can be completed with the help of imported vacuum pump technology. Vacuum pump is a device that improves, generates and maintains a vacuum in a closed space by various means. Its characteristics are as follows:

(1) large pumping speed within a wide range of pressure;

(2) the rotor has a good geometric symmetry, so the vibration is small and the operation is smooth. There are gaps between the rotor and between the rotor and the shell, no lubrication, small friction loss, can greatly reduce the driving power, so as to achieve a higher speed;

(3) no oil seal and lubrication is needed in the pump chamber, which can reduce the pollution of oil vapor to the vacuum system;

(4) no compression in the pump chamber, no exhaust valve. Simple and compact structure, not sensitive to dust and water vapor in the pumped gas;

(5) low compression, poor effect on hydrogen extraction;

(6) the rotor surface is a curved cylinder with complex shape, which is difficult to process and inspect.

Royal jelly is the secretion of the worker bee’s tongue gland and maxillary gland, which is mainly used to feed the queen bee. The fresh royal jelly generally contains 70% water and 30% dry matter, which is mainly protein, sugar and fat. Royal jelly contains bioactive substances. When it is separated from the hive and stored under natural conditions, its bioactive substances decrease obviously. Therefore, in the production and marketing process of royal jelly, the requirements of cold chain were put forward, which increased the production cost of royal jelly. The application of the imported vacuum pump in the honey production operation process to produce the freeze-dried powder of royal jelly can effectively solve the problem of the cold chain in the transportation and marketing process of royal jelly, which makes the transportation and marketing of royal jelly convenient, reduces the cost, and improves the sales price and profit of royal jelly.

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