How to deal with the vibration of liquid ring vacuum pump

Nowadays, the society pays more and more attention to the environmental protection, and the requirements for some noises are also very high. When the liquid ring vacuum pump vibrates, it may produce some noises, which may have an impact on the surrounding area. The EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will introduce how to solve the vibration of the liquid ring vacuum pump.

1、 Add spring vibration isolator:

Selection of the type of vacuum pump spring isolator:

Generally, the self-supporting spring damper is selected, which has the advantages of simple structure and low cost; the spring is exposed, which is convenient to observe the spring state at any time, and the spring to be replaced is disposed in advance, so as to avoid the phenomenon of equipment damage and pipeline breakage caused by sudden settlement of vacuum pump when the spring is corroded and damaged excessively.

Spring selection:

Generally, the spring selected by the shock absorber manufacturer shall meet the following requirements: the diameter of the spring shall not be less than 0.8 times of its height under the rated load; the spring shall have a certain additional stroke, and the vortex flowmeter shall be at least equal to 50% of the rated static deflection; the horizontal stiffness of the spring shall be at least 100% of the rigid steel to ensure the stability of the shock absorber.

Selection of spring damper deflection:

Generally, the rated deflection (rated compression capacity of spring) of the spring damper provided by the damper manufacturer is generally 25mm (self frequency value is about 3-4hz), which can be used for vibration isolation of 650 RPM vacuum pump. When the speed is lower than 650, it is recommended to use a spring vibration isolator with a deflection of less than 40.


2、 Add rubber vibration isolator:

Selection of rubber vibration isolator: generally, the material is neoprene (C.R), natural rubber (N.R); generally, compression type rubber vibration damper is selected, and shear type rubber vibration damper can be selected for light vacuum pump; compared with spring vibration damper, the vibration isolation performance of rubber vibration damper is relatively different.

3、 Add flexible base:

In order to meet the more strict vibration standard, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use the spring vibration isolator when the Sui type base is added.

The contents of the above three aspects are the methods to solve the vibration of liquid ring vacuum pump. You can refer to them and apply them to the actual production to reduce the impact on the environment. If there are any problems in the actual operation, please consult us at any

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