liquid ring vacuum pump performance curves

Performance curve of liquid ring vacuum pump of description

Different types of liquid ring vacuum pump, its suction volume flow curve is related to the size of the liquid ring pump suction cavity and suction port: when the suction port is small, the suction cavity is relatively large, with the suction pressure increases, the suction volume flow is also increasing; When the volume of inspiration is relatively small, with the increase of inspiration pressure, the volume of inspiration flow will fill the whole volume when it reaches a certain value, and then increase inspiration pressure, the volume of inspiration flow will remain unchanged. The intake port is larger, and the intake cavity is relatively small. When the air is filled with the intake cavity, it is faster to reach the rate where the volume flow of the intake volume remains unchanged. When the inspiratory pressure increases to a certain value, because the inspiratory volume remains unchanged, and the maximum flow of the inspiratory temperament continues to increase, the inspiratory pressure within the cavity is bound to increase, making the inspiratory volume flow decrease instead (table 1).

liquid ring vacuum pump performance curves
Table 1 suction flow of 2BE liquid ring vacuum pump

When the liquid ring pump is running, its inspiratory temperature, working water temperature and inspiratory cavity remain unchanged. According to the gas state equation pV=mKT, mass flow rate of inspiratory is basically proportional to inspiratory pressure, namely:

P1 / p ‘1 material m1 / m 1

According to the relationship between mass flow in inspiratory and volume flow in inspiratory, with the increase of inspiratory pressure, volume flow in inspiratory begins to increase and then gradually decreases.

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