Rotary Lobe Blowers

What is a rotary lobe blower?

Rotary lobe blower is a popular method for pumping liquids, powders and gases for industrial purposes. There are several types of blowers, but each uses centrifugal force to assist pumping. These innovative machines are an important part of many practical tools and products that contribute to daily life.

Rotary Lobe Blowers

Rotary lobe blowers have two to three rotating rotating rotating devices, called lobes, that help create pressure. These octagonal, smooth gears rotate inside the metal housing and create air pockets that form a vacuum effect. Each rotary blower has an input and output pipe for conveying any material. The resulting vacuum pressure draws the input material into the blower and forces it into and through the output pipe until it reaches its destination. Blowers have a variety of sizes and strengths to meet different requirements.

Rotary lobe blower is mainly used for conveying liquid, gas and powder. There are three basic types of blowers, including roots blower, blade blower and positive blower. Each method has different uses and has obvious advantages compared with other methods.

Roots type rotary blower is the most common one, especially for car enthusiasts. The blower has the function of double blade rotation, which is usually used in the engine and can provide more horsepower. This type of blower aims to provide more oxygen to the engine, thereby increasing combustion and providing more power and speed to the car. Although this is a hot element for many engines, it is the least fuel efficient blower type and can get very hot during use.

Rotary vane blowers are another common type of rotary blowers, but most people have never seen them in operation. One of the biggest uses of this machine is in a water treatment plant. These robust, silent suction devices are used, for example, to transport a collection of water to a treatment plant for filtration. These are the largest blowers in use.

Rotary positive blower is one of the most sophisticated blower types. This is due to the main use of pneumatic transport of powder and granular materials. These blowers are usually found in production and manufacturing facilities that handle small elements that must be kept in a controlled environment. An example of this blower is the flour company, which moves white powder from storage to packaging.

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