Chemical and pharmaceutical industry vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a kind of universal equipment, can be used in all areas the mechanical products, the type of vacuum pump used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry to do the introduction, the main process is under the condition of negative pressure distillation, concentration, drying and smoking material, such as vacuum pump as the main auxiliary equipment, plays a key role. Therefore, it is very important to select suitable vacuum equipment under certain working conditions for normal, stable and efficient operation of production.

Generally, most vacuum pumps used in the chemical industry are water ring vacuum pumps or roots water ring vacuum units, which are equipped with anti-explosion motors and anti-corrosion materials. In the pharmaceutical industry, there are more water injection vacuum units, which are specially used in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the current increasingly serious situation, environmental pressure limiting vacuum of vacuum equipment in addition to consider, swept volume, many parameters, such as anti-corrosion explosion-proof performance and installation, also take into account the requirements of environmental protection and energy conservation research, also should try to control the emissions of pollutants.

Soda series jet vacuum pump is on the horizontal water spray vacuum pump unit in series with a steam jet pump, its relative steam jet pump greatly reduce the steam consumption and high ultimate vacuum, however, convenient maintenance, good corrosion resistance. Some pharmaceutical unit on the basis of many years using a variety of vacuum pump, after many practice and summary of shows that the pump particularly prominent in acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high vacuum degree requirements (1000 pa) under the conditions of use, and the vacuum pump unit comprehensive performance is stable, easy to repair, is a better choice in this condition.

The use units have gradually eliminated other types of vacuum pumps, and replaced them into anti-corrosion soda series injection vacuum units, which have achieved good results and greatly reduced production costs.


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