Liquid ring vacuum pump in new energy industry

The new energy industry is a series of processes that the units and enterprises engaged in the development of new energy are engaged in. The new energy industry is mainly from the discovery and application of new energy. The liquid ring vacuum pump can reduce the power cost by 50% and greatly increase the output power. Therefore, there is a reason why EVP liquid ring vacuum pump will be selected in the new energy industry. This paper intends to discuss the application of lower liquid ring vacuum pump in new energy industry.

Let’s first understand the classification of new energy industry.

1. New energy is classified according to its formation and source:

(1) energy from solar radiation, such as solar energy, water energy, wind energy, biological energy, etc.

(2) energy from the earth’s interior, such as nuclear energy and geothermal energy.

(3) gravitational energy of celestial bodies, such as tidal energy.

2. New energy is classified according to development and utilization status:

(1) conventional energy, such as water energy and nuclear energy.

(2) new energy, such as biological energy, geothermal energy, marine energy, solar energy and wind energy.

3. New energy is classified by attributes:

(1) renewable energy, such as solar energy, geothermal energy, water energy, wind energy, biological energy and marine energy.

(2) non renewable energy, such as nuclear energy.

4. New energy is classified according to transformation and transmission process:

(1) primary energy, directly from the natural energy. Such as: water energy, wind energy, nuclear energy, marine energy, biological energy.

(2) secondary energy, such as biogas, steam, thermal power, hydropower, nuclear power, solar power, tidal power, wave power, etc.


Several reasons why EVP liquid ring vacuum pump is approved by customers

I. excellent performance and good use effect

No matter what industry uses liquid ring vacuum pump, it is required to be able to quickly and efficiently complete the manufacturing of vacuum environment. Obviously, the excellent liquid ring vacuum pump in the market has outstanding performance in terms of technical maturity and quality control. A lot of big brand liquid ring vacuum pumps work well in application.

II. Reliable quality and strong stability

The stability of liquid ring vacuum pump which is popular in the market is very important, it is a very important link to ensure their working effect and safety management. So liquid ring vacuum pump must have a very stable and reliable quality.

III. reasonable price and perfect after-sale guarantee

The price of liquid ring vacuum pump must also be one of the objects that everyone pays attention to when purchasing. However, we know the price of liquid ring vacuum pump, which is highly praised in the market, and find that it not only keeps a reasonable range in terms of price for a long time, but also ensures the completion of after-sales service.

The car’s battery pack also comes from a production line that uses a vacuum pump. Liquid ring vacuum pump is widely used in new energy, CNC, electronics, hardware, rubber and plastic, medical Liaoning, refrigeration and other industries. It is believed that more and more new energy industries will use EVP vacuum pump products. New energy industry is an important basis to measure the development level of high and new technology in a country and region, and also the strategic commanding point of a new round of international competition. The developed countries and regions in the world regard the development of new energy as an important measure to conform to the trend of science and technology and promote the adjustment of industrial structure. Therefore, the application of liquid ring vacuum pump in new energy industry is very necessary.

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