5HP water ring vacuum pump

The type of water ring vacuum pump is mainly determined by the air volume, vacuum degree or exhaust pressure required by the operation. During the operation of water ring vacuum pump, the following two aspects should be paid attention to: it is required to operate in the high efficiency area as far as possible, that is, in the area of critical vacuum degree or critical exhaust pressure, and it should be prevented from operating adjacent to the maximum vacuum degree or maximum exhaust pressure.

If the vacuum degree is above – 710mmhg, water ring big air pump or water ring roots vacuum unit can be selected as vacuum pumping equipment. If it is only used as vacuum pump, single effect pump is better. The single effect pump is simple in structure, manufacture and protection, and has good cavitation resistance under high vacuum condition. If it is only used as a compressor with larger air volume, it is more suitable to choose a double effect vacuum pump.

5HP water ring vacuum pump is used to pump the air without corrosiveness, water resistance and solid particles. The temperature of working fluid is 0-35 ° C. It is suitable for water transfer or oil, filtration, dehydration, degassing, dedusting, evaporation, smelting process. Some SK pumps can be used for air supply compression because they are isothermal during compression, so they are not dangerous when compressing explosive air.

The vacuum of the water ring vacuum pump can reach up to 29 inches Hg.

The 5HP water ring vacuum pump has a variable discharge design, which can automatically adjust to the internal compression ratio of the vacuum pump, so as to achieve the highest efficiency in the whole vacuum range. The advanced fluid dynamics can achieve high volume efficiency, while the sealing fluid demand can be reduced by 50%.


5HP water ring vacuum pump features :

1. Designed for heavy duty applications

2. Standard 316 stainless steel impeller

3. Adopt economical UL / CSA EISA or epactonly) motor installation design

4. Low working noise

5. Standard with single side mechanical seal

6. Almost no maintenance required

7. Compact design leads to small floor space

8. Be able to handle saturated gas mixture

9. Be able to handle a small amount of liquid

10. Operate with various sealing liquid

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