Dust removal roots blower

The spiral shape of Roots blower for dust removal is a fixed spiral mode with more than 20 degrees. The shielding wire for the air inlet and exhaust of the casing cuts into the screw, and the triangular air inlet and exhaust port formed by the smooth surface line at the top of the rotor is opened in sequence through the rotation of the rotor. Unlike the old roots spiral fan, which opens or closes instantaneously, it produces pulsating whistling sound, so the noise generated during operation is small.

Roots blower for dust removal of advantages:

1. Bearing: NSK / people-oriented, this type of bearing has the characteristics of long life, high limit speed, high load resistance and low noise.
2. Gear: high mechanical efficiency, long service life, low noise and vibration, stable transmission, large bearing capacity.
3. V-belt: opt / gates, good quality, many models, durable
4. Impeller: third generation linear, energy saving 5%
5. Seal: a number of circular seal teeth are arranged in sequence around the rotating shaft. A series of closure gaps and expansion cavities are formed between the teeth. The sealing medium produces throttling effect when passing through the labyrinth gap to achieve the purpose of leakage prevention.
6. Oil seal: tto, made in Taiwan, famous brand, with guaranteed quality

When we install the roots blower for dust removal, there are some abnormal noises in the operation process, but the noise will disappear gradually after the equipment runs for a period of time. Don’t worry, it’s normal. Due to the viscosity of the lubricating oil, some new fans have unstable current.

Roots blower for dust removal of daily maintenance:

1. During operation, special attention should be paid to whether there is friction or inhalation of foreign matters between the impeller and the casing, between the impeller and the wallboard, between the impeller and the impeller. If the friction is serious, the local temperature rise of the casing will be too high and the surface painting will be scorched. At this time, the engine should be stopped immediately.
2. In daily work, attention should be paid to the temperature, vibration and running sound of the bearing, and regular inspection should be carried out.
3. In the long-term operation, due to the corrosion of impeller and casing, the working clearance increases, the leakage in Roots blower increases, the casing temperature rises, the exhaust temperature increases, and the fan flow decreases. At this time, the machine should be shut down to measure the clearance and take corrective measures.
4. In cold winter area, cooling water must be discharged after roots blower which needs cooling water is shut down to prevent freezing of stored water from damaging the machine.

A fan design directly determines the performance of the application, because of many industries in life without the use of rotary blowers, such as cement, petrochemicals, coal, mine, chemical fertilizer, steel, electricity, sewage treatment, aquaculture and other industries, so not but be careful when the choice, the early stage of the design and manufacture will directly affect the normal use of the fan, we in daily use.

About the noise problem, people pay more attention to the noise of Roots blower. The noise value of each fan is different. Even for the same type of fan, as long as there is no abnormal noise, the noise value will be different.

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