Air compressor for oil and gas

Oil and gas

From exploration and production of oil and gas products to refining and processing, safe and efficient solutions are provided to overcome the technical and operational challenges of the oil and gas industry.

The compressed air system is used to generate nitrogen, process operations, power the first generation drives and controllers, and calibrate test equipment and purification with safety as a top priority.

Our material handling and manned solutions meet important performance and safety standards. From underwater use to offshore platforms and land rigs, we help companies safely carry their own people and assets.

Robust, high-performance power tools can be used for a variety of applications in critical applications, from drilling to fastening.

Air compressor maintenance

There are many brands of compressors at present, but most maintenance methods, excluding the same:

1. Regular maintenance of main components:
For the reliable operation of the air compressor, a detailed maintenance plan needs to be made. Such a person shall carry out the operation, regular maintenance, regular inspection and maintenance of the air compressor, so as to keep the air compressor clean, free of oil and dirt
The maintenance of main components is as follows:
Be careful:
1.1. Sometimes, it must be ensured that during maintenance and replacement, the air compressor parts are separated from other pressure sources according to the above table: the air pressure in the air compressor system has been released, the main circuit switch has been disconnected, and it is not allowed to pay attention to the open safety signs
1.2. The oil cooling and replacement time of compressor depends on whether there is a new air compressor after oil replacement. After 500 hours of operation, the oil shall be replaced every 4000 hours of environment, humidity, dust and air use. For machine operation less than 4000 hours, it shall be replaced once a year
1.3 the oil filter must be changed. The second change compressor shall be used 300-500 hours after the air is put into operation and 2000 normal working hours
1.4 during maintenance and air filter or air inlet valve replacement, make sure that no debris will enter into the main chamber of air compressor,
1.5 check the belt tightness after each machine runs for about 2000 hours. If the belt is loose, adjust the belt tension until the date and the protective belt. In this process, prevent the waste belt from being polluted by oil
1.6 the oil filter shall be changed at the same time when the oil is changed
1.7. The original accessories company, please use this machine or the company arising therefrom shall not be responsible for the accident

2. Clean the cooler:
Each air compressor runs for 2000 hours or so. After cooling, clean the dust from the cooling dust and the dust from the air gun. When opening the well cover for the cooling fan on the cleaned position, clean the dust and heat on the surface If the dirt on the cooling surface is still serious and hard to clean, you can delete the cooler, oil cooler and pour four closed to prevent the dirt from entering the inlet and outlet, then use compressed air to blow both sides of the dust or wash with water, and finally dry the water on the surface to damage. Return to the original position
Remember! Do not use iron brush to scrape dust and other hard objects to avoid damaging the radiator surface

3. Discharge condensate:
The moisture in the air may condense in the gas separation tank, especially in wet weather. When the air pressure of the exhaust temperature is lower than the dew point or cooled, there will be more condensed water to separate out. Too much water in the oil will cause oil emulsification. For the machine, such as safe operation:
—Poor lubrication of the compressor’s main engine;
—Oil and gas separators with large pressure changes;
—Cause mechanical corrosion
Therefore, a schedule should be established for the discharge of condensate based on humidity
Method of condensate discharge
This machine should be shut down, without pressure oil and gas separation tank, cooling, condensation water after sufficient precipitation, etc. before the start of the morning
3.1 screw the bottom of the screw plug gas separator in front of the ball
3.2 slowly open the drain valve until the oil is discharged and close the valve
3.3 plug the ball before screwing in the screw

4. Safety valve:
Before the valve, it is set in the whole plant. We do not advocate unauthorized users to adjust the safety valve. If it is necessary to adjust, it should be adjusted in the local labor and social security department or under the guidance of the company’s maintenance personnel. Otherwise, the company will not be responsible for all the consequences

5. Maintenance suggestions:
The general user provides some suggestions, compressor maintenance, users can refer to the implementation
5.1, weekly:
Answer: check whether there is abnormal noise and leakage unit;
Bay check meter reading is correct;
Check whether the temperature display is correct
5.2, monthly:
Answer: check whether there is internal corrosion and looseness of the machine. If there is corrosion, rust, loose oil or paint;
The Bay drains condensate
5.3 every three months:
Answer: remove the outer surface of cooler and fan cover, and put them on the blades of dust removal fan;
Bay filled with motor bearing oil;
Angle check whether the hose is aged and cracked;
4. Check the cleanliness of electrical components and control boxes

6. Compressor oil filling:
Under operation, the oil level of compressor should be kept between the lowest and highest. If there is too much oil and the oil level will affect the separation efficiency, the oil-free lubrication and cooling mode will affect the engine. Change the oil. If the performance level of oil is lower than the lowest oil, the lubricating oil should be supplemented in time, which is:
6.1. Turn off the pressure release completely (please make sure there is no pressure in the system), and pull down the power switch
6.2 open oil separation packing of oil tank and add proper cooling lubricant
6.3 during the operation time of air compressor, please maintain the oil change gauge regularly

Air compressor for oil and gas

Air compressor for oil and gas

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