Industrial air compressor

Industry is China’s second largest industry, is one of the important material sectors of the national economy, divided into heavy industry and light industry. Production in the industrial field cannot be separated from large mechanical equipment, and the operation of mechanical equipment requires corresponding equipment. The equipment often used is the air compressor equipment. Air compressor equipment used in different fields are also different, specific to understand.

Industrial use air compressor, air compressor customer on-site heavy industry large machine production, oil, gas and so on, these devices often have to use large displacement, and the stability of the air compressor equipment, general often adopts screw air compressor, according to each industry is different, can be subdivided again, use air compressor in mines, commonly used mobile screw air compressor, chemical use, can use oil-free screw air compressor, energy saving in recent years, the development of air compressor, most enterprise target permanent magnet frequency conversion air compressor, because its effect is very good in terms of energy saving.

Air compressor for light industry, food, textile, paper, daily necessities, etc., these equipment need to use the air compressor, the compressed air quality requirements are very high. Food with air compressor, generally use silent no oil air compressor, or no oil screw type air compressor, this equipment, compressed air does not contain oil, can ensure food health. Such as textile, glass industry, you can use low – pressure air compressor, specifically tailored for these industries.

There are many kinds of air compressors, industrial air compressor, small make up can only from the overall direction for you to analyze the use of twin screw compressor, specific also need to choose by the customer.

No matter in heavy industry and light industry, the production of air compressor series products are widely used, if you need to know more, welcome to inquire.

Industrial air compressor

Industrial air compressor

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