vacuum valve detailed application

Vacuum valve refers to the vacuum system components used to change the direction of air flow, adjust the size of air flow, cut off or connect the pipeline in the vacuum system. Vacuum valve closures are sealed with rubber or metal seals.

The vacuum valve is the valve on the vacuum pump or vacuum unit. Generally used in the vacuum pump, the valve has electromagnetic vacuum with inflation valve, butterfly valve, water supply solenoid valve, check valve, etc.

The electromagnetic vacuum belt charging valve is used in rotary vane vacuum pump to avoid oil return. Generally, the equipment is opened and closed synchronously with the pump at the air inlet of the rotary vane pump, which can not be used in other places;

Water supply solenoid valve and check valve are mostly used in water ring vacuum pump, one is water supply, the other is to avoid medium backflow, in order to prevent accidents.

Although vacuum valve is a small hardware, its important effect can not be ignored. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when selecting and planning vacuum valve:

1. The sealing function of the valve is better, not only the valve cover (also known as the valve plate) close the air leakage rate is small, but also the valve body leakage rate is small;

2. The wear resistance of valve sealing parts is good, especially the valve seat and wide cover sealing parts should be able to be reused with long service life;

3. The ability of valve conduction should be great;

4. Valve data should have low full vapor pressure, high corrosion resistance and high chemical stability.

Vacuum valve is a kind of valve widely used in equipment and equipment. It is operated by handle and hand wheel. In general, the clockwise rotation rule of handle and hand wheel is the closed direction, and the counter clockwise rotation rule is the open direction. But some vacuum valve opening and closing direction is opposite to the above, before operation should pay attention to check the opening and closing signs before operation.

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