Vacuum pump during stone antifouling treatment

Vacuum pump in stone anti fouling treatment of application

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the aesthetic requirements of architectural decoration are becoming more and more strict. Granite and marble, because of certain strength and color diversity, are deeply loved by people and become the preferred materials for building decoration. However, due to the influence of rainfall factors, and the environment of stone, will also appear in the long-term use of surface discoloration, dirt and other phenomena, adhesion affects the texture of stone, building aesthetics greatly reduced. The common treatment method of building stone surface is to use waterproof agent to protect, but the waterproof agent can not effectively penetrate into the stone and has no significant protective effect. Therefore, the vacuum treatment technology of using stone to deal with pollution can provide reference for future construction. The application of vacuum pump in stone antifouling.

Vacuum pump during stone antifouling treatment

The manufacturer of stone antifouling vacuum pump and two knowledge points of vacuum treatment are analyzed.
Stone is usually treated with water repellent protection. Considering that the stone itself has given that the surface of the stone must be dried before processing, there are two ways to treat it: first, natural drying method, which can be naturally dried by moving stone air device, but this method requires a lot of space and can be easily affected by the climate; Second, through heating, electric heater drying process to dry, but there will be uneven heating phenomenon, aggravating the waste.

The so-called vacuum processing mainly refers to the boiling temperature of building stone placed under the pressure of water. The water on the stone surface is rapidly evaporated and dried to a certain extent. The spraying is completed in an airtight container. After the pressure is lower than 008mpa, the water repellent stone contained in the boiling point of the solvent is not placed and the saturated stone is placed Hold for enough time to ensure that the waterproofing agent can effectively penetrate into the stone. In addition, in order to effectively play the waterproof agent, the interior of the stone in the air can be effectively removed in advance during the spraying process, and then the surface coating of the stone on the permeability of the waterproof agent under the pressure.

In terms of the advantages of vacuum technology in stone anti fouling processing, imported vacuum pump manufacturers put together four points:
1、 The waterproof agent can penetrate into the stone and will not cause pollution to the stone;
2、 This method can achieve the purpose of drying even at very low temperature and high humidity;
3、 Short drying time and high efficiency, no need to work in professional field, complete drying;
4、 Even and thorough drying, deep stone can also play a given dry.

2bv Vacuum pump

As mentioned above, the use of vacuum pump treatment technology in stone can greatly offset the shortcomings of conventional methods such as rapid drying treatment technology, high efficiency, low environmental requirements, thorough drying, etc., and antifouling treatment has been widely used in antifouling treatment of building stones. This paper is the key point of knowledge conversation, the application of vacuum technology of vacuum pump manufacturer in the anti pollution treatment process of stone.

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