Liquid ring vacuum pump for manufacturing pallet

Liquid ring vacuum pumps for pallets are available for more detailed information about 2BV2 071 liquid ring vacuum pumps and other liquid ring vacuum pumps.

How to choose vacuum pump in vacuum system

In the planning and accounting of the vacuum system, people call the vacuum pump that directly takes time for the vacuum vessel as the main vacuum pump, and the vacuum pump that insists that the front pressure of another vacuum pump is below the critical front pressure as the front pump. In order to make the main vacuum pump start to work quickly from the atmospheric pressure in the pumped container, the vacuum pump is called pre pumping vacuum pump. For a vacuum system, the pre pump of the system is often used as a pre pumping vacuum pump. The selection of vacuum pump here refers to the selection of main vacuum pump. In a narrow sense, it refers to the proper matching of the main vacuum pump with a reasonable pre-stage vacuum pump. In a broad sense, it includes the selection of pre-stage pump and pre pumping pump. The central equipment in the vacuum system is the vacuum pump. The key process in the vacuum system planning is the selection of vacuum pump and the distribution of vacuum pump.

The detailed content of selecting vacuum pump is to recognize the type of main vacuum pump and determine the size of main vacuum pump. The criterion of selecting vacuum pump is reliable in technology, reasonable in economy, advanced in skill, systematic and artistic in method.

To recognize the type of the main vacuum pump, the first thing to consider is the feasibility and reliability. According to the ultimate vacuum degree and the operating vacuum degree (the ultimate vacuum degree of the main vacuum pump is slightly higher than the ultimate vacuum degree of the vacuum chamber) to be reached by the vacuum pump, according to the type of gas to be pumped, the proportion of each gas body, as well as the situation of dust mixed in the gas, the true pump air meeting the process requirements should be selected. When two or more different types of vacuum pumps are suitable for the above conditions, the economically reasonable vacuum pump should be selected according to the economic objectives such as initial investment and daily protection cost. Then, further compare the environment and other conditions, select. Therefore, it is necessary to start from the whole vacuum system and take it into full consideration. It is not only a comparison of vacuum pumps but also a recognition.

It is decided that the size of the main vacuum pump is based on the operating pressure required by the operation of the vacuum chamber and the exhaust volume of the chamber. The operating pressure in the vacuum chamber must be within the pumping speed pressure scale of the main vacuum pump. In addition, we should also consider the size of the vacuum chamber and the pumping time, because under certain conditions at the pumping time, if the volume of the vacuum chamber is larger, the pumping speed of the main vacuum pump is also larger.

Liquid ring vacuum pump for manufacturing pallet

Liquid ring vacuum pump for manufacturing pallet

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