Selection criteria for vacuum pumps

Selection criteria of vacuum data in vacuum pump

Requirements for material shaking of vacuum vessel shell and internal parts

Selection criteria for vacuum pumps

① The vacuum pump has satisfactory mechanical strength and stiffness to ensure that the shell can withstand the atmospheric pressure at room temperature and baking temperature, and does not deform during heating and baking (especially for ultra-high vacuum system).

② Good air tightness. In order to maintain a perfect vacuum environment, there should be no porous structure, cracks or other defects that constitute leakage. There is a low rate of penetration and rate.

③ The full vapor pressure at operating temperature and baking temperature should be satisfied to be low (especially important for ultra-high vacuum system).

④ Good chemical stability. It is not easy to oxidize and corrode, and has no chemical reaction with the working medium in the vacuum pump and the outgassing in the process.

⑤ Good thermal stability. In the system operating temperature (high temperature and low temperature) scale, adhere to outstanding vacuum function and mechanical function.

⑥ Under the working vacuum degree and operating temperature, the internal equipment of vacuum vessel should adhere to outstanding operation function and meet the requirements of operation technology.

⑦ It has good ductility, machining function and welding function, and can be simply processed into a disordered shell.

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