Side channel blowers for plastics industry

What are the main uses of side channel blower in plastic industry?

What are the main uses of side channel blower in plastic industry?

Plastics, although not used as a hygroscopic material, enter into contact with moist air and can also be changed in the plasticizing process.
Therefore, drying is used to eliminate condensation, through appropriate equipment, wherein the blower circulates air to dry the material is essential.

An important step in the transformation of plastic particles during dehumidification. As a result, the inherent moisture content of the particles is reduced to a very low residual value.

Expanded polystyrene foam
Polystyrene is made of expanded polystyrene and steam to obtain the polymerization of expanded spheres, which will be processed into shaped objects.
In this process, a blower transmits the pre foaming ball to the mold.

Side channel blowers for plastics industry

Extrusion / degassing
Even during melting, plastic can show bubbles or moisture. The task of the blower is to remove these residues to ensure the good quality of the material.

Welding with hot air
Are welded by plastic materials using hot air. This, in the first part, is heated by a tubular heater and then the blower accelerates it to the welder’s nozzle.

Pneumatic conveying
Pneumatic conveying systems are widely used in the plastics industry because they are ideal for the transfer of granular and powdery products in various production sectors.
The blower maintains the air flow, which keeps the product in the suspension at the desired speed.

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