Air compressor in automobile industry

What is the role of air compressor in automobile manufacturing industry?

In the manufacturing industry, the air compressor is mainly used as the power source of pneumatic machinery. The advantage of using air as power is that it is pollution-free and can be directly discharged into the atmosphere without treatment.

Because the factory is large and there are many gas equipment, it is generally suitable to assemble screw air compressor in air compressor station, and it cannot be equipped with one, but it must be equipped with standby machine. Two or more air compressors can be used by rotation, so as to avoid production pause caused by maintenance and shutdown of air compressor.

Air compressor is also used in new energy vehicles powered by natural gas. The supercharged air compressor is made of screw air compressor for primary compression, and then pressurized with piston air compressor. The characteristics of the supercharged air compressor are large exhaust volume and high pressure. In the natural gas power vehicle, the main function of the supercharged air compressor is to detect the tightness and pressure resistance of the natural gas storage and supply system.

When selecting and using the air compressor in the automobile factory, energy saving and consumption reduction also need to be considered. Because the power of the air compressor usually reaches several hundred kilowatt hours and the cost of electric power is considerable, the variable-frequency screw air compressor can also enter the selection range. Under the condition of unstable use of compressed air, it is necessary to use the variable-frequency air compressor. In use, it is necessary to frequently check the leakage of pipelines, gas components and tools in the plant area. If there is any leakage, it needs to be repaired or replaced in time.

If one cubic meter of compressed air is leaked every minute, about 7000 watt hours of electric energy per hour will be wasted in vain. Over the years, it will cause huge and imperceptible losses. It is recommended that you consult the professionals in detail when purchasing the air compressor to give reasonable suggestions.

For example, if the air compressor station has been built for a long time and the energy consumption is increased in use, the professionals can also test the pipeline and gas consumption point or the whole system to find out the problem and solve it.

Air compressor in automobile industry has the following advantages:

1. Better price performance
Under the same power, compared with piston engine, air compressor has higher exhaust capacity and more stable pressure.

2. Low noise and vibration
In the same exhaust volume and exhaust pressure state, compared with piston machine, screw air compressor has lower noise and less vibration.

3. Intelligent control system and high quality components
Fully intelligent control system, real-time monitoring of air compressor operation in the automotive industry, high-quality components to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

4. Low maintenance cost
Without consumables such as sealing ring and piston, screw air compressor can work normally for a long time only with normal maintenance, which saves unnecessary maintenance and consumables.

The above is the introduction of what role and advantages EVP can play in the application of air compressor in the automobile industry. I believe you have a certain understanding of the application of air compressor in the automobile industry. In the future, we can choose the right air compressor according to our needs when we choose the air compressor in the automobile industry!

Air compressor in automobile industry

Air compressor in automobile industry

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