Vacuum pumps in shipyards

Pumps for shipyards and shipping

Pumps for shipyards and shipping

The seawater and freshwater pumps produced are suitable for drainage systems.

Over the years, we have been providing tested and safe solutions for water systems in shipbuilding industry. Our experience in working with many business partners has enabled us to meet the growing needs of shipyards.

The main task of the on-board water supply system is to supply raw water for cooling marine engines, boilers and fire hydrants. The system also provides water for the crew on board. In addition, the system is also used to operate bilge water and other water ejectors on board and provide water supply for the fire foam system.

Vehicle water system pumps can also be used as ballast pumps, or if the system is designed in this way, can also be used as bilge pumps. The classification association’s provisions contain a number of requirements for fire protection systems that must be met if ships are to be allowed to navigate.

Pumps used in ship water supply systems must have good anti-harmful operating environment. Special care must be taken in choosing suitable building materials. The material used in the structure, including brass, cast steel and acid-resistant steel, ensures that the components remain free from harmful effects of pumping liquids, thereby prolonging the service life of the equipment. Standard pumps are more likely to reduce their service life prematurely. Manufactured pumps are used to pump liquids that meet the corrosion resistance standards of the materials used in their structures.

Commercial ship applications require pumps, such as shipbuilding, ship repair, dry dock, water jet and paint chip pumping. Most of the construction and maintenance of oil tankers, passenger ships and large yachts are carried out in shipyards. Wastecorp Pumps produces pumping equipment for dry docks and commercial shipbuilding applications.

Dry and wet filling pumps are selected for waste water and slurry treatment applications in various parts of the ship, including inaccessible areas. Wastecorp pump products for commercial shipping industry are specially designed and designed for long life cycle, some for 24-hour continuous operation.

Next, we will introduce the rotary vane vacuum pump used by the shipyard.

Vacuum pumps in shipyards

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump characteristic

Applications: Shipyard, Ship
Operation: Electric
Flow: 4m_/ h, 4.8m_/ h (141.26ft_/ h)

Rotary vane vacuum pump describe

Rotating vane vacuum pump, two-stage, forced lubrication. Equipped with air ballast valve for eliminating condensable gas and inhalation check valve.
Accessories: air filter, external oil separator filter, vacuum gauge.

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