Roots liquid ring vacuum unit for sheet extrusion

Roots liquid ring vacuum unit for sheet extrusion

The roots liquid ring vacuum unit for sheet extrusion is an extruder vacuum system developed by our company.

Air-cooled liquid ring roots vacuum unit

Roots water ring unit is composed of ZJ roots pump as the main pumping pump, 2BV series water ring pump or roots – water ring unit as the front stage pump composition of the pumping unit. It can be used to pump out not only ordinary gases, but also gases containing water, organic solvents or small amounts of dust. Compared with the general mechanical vacuum pump, it is not afraid of oil pollution, moisture and dust. Compared with ordinary water ring vacuum pump, it has the advantages of high ultimate vacuum degree and high pumping speed under higher vacuum condition.

According to the different working pressure of each vacuum system, the following points must be mastered in the selection of unit:

1. The main pump must work within its better working range;

2. The compression ratio between the main pump or intermediate pump and the former stage pump shall not exceed the permitted range;

3. The ratio between the front stage pump and roots pump is as small as possible, so that even if the performance of the front stage pump decreases, the unit will not have a big impact on the vacuum pumping performance of the system.

Generally a liquid ring vacuum pump vacuum about 3000 pa, an air-cooled roots vacuum pump and a liquid ring vacuum pump series of secondary roots of liquid ring vacuum unit limit pressure of about 150 ~ 650 pa, if behind the gas-cooled roots vacuum pump to increase the level of the roots vacuum pump of liquid ring vacuum pumps tertiary roots units, are the three levels of vacuum unit limit pressure can reach 5 ~ 25 pa. If an ordinary roots vacuum pump is added, the ultimate pressure of the four-stage unit can be higher, which will reach more than 0.1~0.2pa. Therefore, users can correctly choose the series of the unit according to different requirements. Users with special requirements can also directly with the company, the company’s relevant technical personnel to select.


1. 1 liquid ring vacuum pump

2. 1 roots vacuum pump

3. One pre-stage filter

4. 1 automatic electric control box

5. 1 air-cooled water tank

6. 1 batch of supporting valve fittings

Maximum working pressure up to 1000PA.

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