liquid ring vacuum pump

liquid ring vacuum pump

liquid ring vacuum pump series offers a variety of product options. From the top-of-the-line heavy-duty P2620, with a dry air capacity of 23,000 CFM / 39,082 m 3 / h to the mid-range Vectra (2,800 CFM / 4,750 m 3 / h) and the smaller tightly coupled 2BV series, we have the right answer for your personal vacuum requirements.

understands the technology behind the liquid ring vacuum pump because he invented the principle of liquid ring operation.The liquid ring vacuum pump operates at low temperatures and is suitable for “handling liquids“, steam and condensate.Designed for the most demanding applications, these pumps extract explosive gases and corrosive steam safely and reliably.

liquid ring vacuum pump requires minimal maintenance and has extremely low maintenance costs, providing years of reliable service due to its rugged design, rigorous quality, and fewer and larger parts.Because of its low running cost and wide performance of 23000 CFM ≤ 39082m3 / h, it has been performed well in any application.

liquid ring vacuum pump is a reliable and durable solution for rigorous process applications.The design of liquid ring pump was first introduced in 1903 and has always been an industry leader.Continuous innovation supports product development; allowing continued use of high quality liquid ring pumps and product upgrades.


Liquid ring vacuum pump

liquid ring vacuum pump

Rich experience in liquid ring vacuum pump.Our vacuum pumps are designed for safe, clean and continuous operation in humid environments, with a focus on low maintenance, so you can ensure reliable and high quality products.

Offering a wide range of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, suitable for today‘s design, rugged design and manufacturing of the highest quality, you can ensure that the products meet the work requirements.Our knowledge is respected in the industry and we currently manage a large number of very high profile satisfactory customers.

We provide high quality materials such as stainless steel and other options to ensure the highest reliability and corrosion resistance.
Provide professional project guidance, equipment manufacturing, production line construction, management and operation services to more than one million customers, and witness the power of mining machinery brand together with these customers.

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