Rotary vane vacuum pump in natural gas treatment

How to apply rotary vane vacuum pump in natural gas treatment process

How to use vacuum valve for lithium bromide absorption refrigerator?

The vacuum areas of rotary vane vacuum pump and cooling water for vacuum pumping of lithium bromide absorption chiller and water ring vacuum pump for water pumping of refrigerant water pump are medium vacuum and low vacuum respectively. Therefore, ordinary vacuum valves such as diaphragm vacuum valves, low vacuum shutoff valves and high vacuum butterfly valves can be selected.

When the rotary vane vacuum pump is used in the vacuum pumping of bromine cooler, if the vacuum pump stops working for some reason, the mechanical oil in the pump enters the unit because of the pressure difference, resulting in the pollution of lithium bromide solution. Therefore, it is necessary to install an electromagnetic belt vacuum valve on the inlet pipeline of the vacuum pump. The valve is driven by electromagnetic force and connected with the vacuum pump on the same power supply. After stopping, it releases air to the inlet of the pump to prevent mechanical oil return.

Rotary vane vacuum pump in natural gas treatment

Rotary Vacuum Pump in Natural Gas Treatment Technology  of Application

In natural gas production, some processes often need to be carried out at less than one atmospheric pressure. The so-called vacuum pump is a kind of mechanical equipment that can obtain an absolute pressure below atmospheric pressure.

According to the structure, there are many types of vacuum pumps. The common ones in production are as follows.

(1) Reciprocating vacuum pump
The working principle of reciprocating vacuum pump is similar to that of reciprocating compressor except that the valve used is lighter and the clearance is smaller. Generally, it is single-stage, and the suction gas pressure is much lower than the local atmospheric pressure at that time.
Reciprocating vacuum pump is dry type. The code name of domestic reciprocating vacuum pump is W. Now there are five main specifications of W 1 to W 5, which have been widely used.

(2) Jet pump
Jet pump is a kind of jet vacuum pump, which transfers static pressure energy to kinetic energy when fluid flows. It can be used to suck up liquid and gas. It is often used in evaporation and distillation systems to produce vacuum in production, so it is also called jet vacuum pump.

(3) Water ring vacuum pump
Water ring vacuum pump is a wet vacuum pump, which can obtain 85% vacuum degree. The pump has simple and compact structure, no valve, and can be connected vertically with an electric motor. The series of domestic water ring vacuum pumps is named sz. This kind of vacuum pumps are often used to suck air and non-corrosive, water-insoluble and solid-free gases.

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