Air compressor for rubber and plastic products

Air compressor for plastics industry

Plastic products are indispensable synthetic materials in our life. They are used in our life and in industry. In the process of production, air compressor is needed.

In recent years, the economic development has driven the development of a series of industries, especially the development of plastic industry, which will inevitably increase the demand for gas. In order to achieve the effect of stable gas supply. Most enterprises use air compressors. The air compressor has long service life, stable exhaust and super energy saving, which can save 30% of the cost.

Air compressor to choose for rubber products

1. Twin screw integrated tightening: no central cooler, interstage cooling dryer, filter; simple structure, stable operation, long service life of convention.
2. The two-way oil cooler system keeps the temperature entering the main engine bearing at a low temperature. It can be used to maintain the main engine bearing and increase the restriction of service years.
3. The original large rotor of dmont has low rotation speed, higher tightening power and more energy saving.
4. Three phase asynchronous motor, class F insulation, class B cooling
5. Select 5.5-inch color screen intelligent control management system, which can be set in Chinese / English, and can complete up to 16 sets of joint control. It can collect gas and operate quickly.
6. Disc type and fully closed air intake valve are selected to complete automatic energy-saving conditioning operation and save labor cost.

What will be the overdue use of air compressor?

The “three filters and one oil” of air compressor have regular service life, which is generally replaced after 2000 hours of use (depending on the working condition). If it is used continuously beyond the service life, it will bring many damages to the normal operation of the air compressor, affect the operation function of the air compressor, accelerate the abrasion of other parts to damage, and greatly reduce the service life of the conventional use of the air compressor.

Select air compressor

It is necessary to consider that the bump of the exhaust pressure and the discharge capacity of the air compressor are generally 0.7MPa, and the old standard is 0.8MPa. Now there is an air compressor with the discharge pressure of 0.5MPa in the society. From the perspective of application, it is unreasonable because the pressure margin of the pneumatic tools is too small, it is impossible to use the compressor with a far distance between gas transmission intervals.

In other aspects, from the point of view of planning, this kind of compactor is planned as a first-class compactor. The pressure ratio is too large, the exhaust temperature is simply too high, and the carbon deposit in the cylinder is formed, which leads to the accident. When the roller used by the user is greater than 0.8MPa, it should be specially made, and the method of forced pressurization cannot be used to avoid the accident.

Exhaust volume is the main parameter of the air compressor. The air volume of the air compressor should match the required exhaust volume, and 10% margin should be left. If the air consumption is large and the air compressor exhaust volume is small, once the pneumatic tool is started, the exhaust pressure of the air compressor will be greatly reduced, but the pneumatic tool can not drive it. It is also a fault to blindly seek a large exhaust volume, because the larger the exhaust volume is, the compressor equipped The larger the motor, not only the higher the price, but also a waste of purchasing funds and electricity.

In addition, when selecting the exhaust volume, we should also consider the peak consumption, general consumption and low consumption. If the low consumption is large, the general consumption and peak consumption are not large. The general practice abroad is to use a few exhaust air compressors in parallel to obtain a lot of exhaust, and start one by one with the addition of air consumption, which is not only beneficial to the power grid, but also saves power.

Air compressor for rubber and plastic products

Air compressor for rubber and plastic products

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